Well, well, well, well. It’s Robin’s birthday today and he’s back in Brussels after co-hosting the launch event here in London. Meanwhile, Tech.eu ‘interim’ writer Fiona Alston sits down and shares her thoughts and opinions on the news that caught her eye this week.

🇪🇺 First Bill Gates abandons his support for a new European coalition to scale up clean technologies

🇫🇷 Launch of a bioengineered indoor plant called Neo P1 cleans your home

🇵🇹 No letter: eToro acquires portfolio management service provider Bullsheet

🏴호적적적적적 Pixera is on a mission to make eLearning professional a more engaging experience

🇪🇸 Former Tiger Global Partner Lee Fixell’s Addition Leads Seqera Labs’ The investment round is 22 million euros

🇮🇪 Johnson Khanna raises 10.5 million euros for the development of the legal market

🇫🇷 One more thing: insuretech Neat

🖋️ One more thing: Dan was there an interview by Black Unicorn PR

All this and more in this week’s episode of Tech.eu Drive at Five!