We came back with another edition The Incline’s Locals to Know series. This is when we give way to a local person or organization that has left its mark in the wider Pittsburgh community. Stay tuned for more of these interviews in the coming weeks, and if you know anyone or any organization we need to show, feel free to send them our way.

Without further ado, let’s take a step.

Name: Valentina the Scientist

Age: 39

pronouns: she / she

Social: @biketheburgh, @walktheburgh

Tell us about your work – your work and / or any volunteer work.

I have and run a company of walking and cycling tours with a shop in the city center (Bicycle tour of Burgas + Walk Burgh Tours). We offer architectural and historical walking and cycling tours of different areas of the city, often combined with different themes. Locals as well as guests from all over the world seem to enjoy our daily Beauty of Burgh cycling tour along the river trails in the city center, which offers scenic views of the beautiful Pittsburgh skyline. Whiskey Walk on weekends and a history walk with a final whiskey tasting are also very popular. In addition, the Black & Ghost Tour, which we hold all year round, also attracts a lot of attention. This is a historic tour with a horrible twist.

I founded these touring companies about seven years ago and would never go back to another job. I love my team of guides who are phenomenal ambassadors of the city and very knowledgeable and enthusiastic Burga. I also really enjoy meeting people from all over the world who come to Pittsburgh for a variety of reasons!

Choose your favorite local outdoor experience. What is it? What are we doing? Who’s coming with you?

When I have a free minute, I get on my bike and ride it North Shore Trail goes out to Western Penitentiary and return to Heinz Lofts. I like this section because it opens up wonderful perspectives of the urban skyline. Usually I try to do this with my husband, who is also an avid cyclist, and my 3-year-old daughter. She also loves cycling on river trails! At the moment our newborn can’t come with us, so we’ll have to wait a bit until she’s ready for the trailer.

What is your favorite memory of Pittsburgh?

One of my favorite moments in Pittsburgh was when I stood in the cold for at least two hours in the parking lot of the Lemieux Sports Complex to get a T-shirt signed by Sidney Crosby. This was for my nephew, who lives in Italy and whose heart beats for hockey, the Pittsburgh Penguins, or rather, for Sydney. It was the best Christmas present for my then 9 year old nephew!

What is your favorite local Instagram or TikTok account and why?

It definitely is @housesofpittsburgh. I wonder what you can learn from their tape, and it’s especially nice when I know the house that is shown. I love houses, especially all the historic ones in Pittsburgh. My husband owns real estate, so we both admire different types of homes. Many years ago on Sundays we traveled to random areas (and, as we know, there are many in Pittsburgh!) Just to check out the local architecture. Sometimes we still do it when we need a nap!

If you could only eat one meal at a local restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be? I’m a big fan Pharmacy in Bloomfield I could eat any of their food every day. Everything in this place is wonderful: very fine cuisine, fantastic price and excellent customer service. Besides, there is always always a good atmosphere. We can say that this restaurant is run with passion, great attention to detail and high standards. As I hear, the owners treat their employees very well. I try to do the same, so I always try to support these companies – big or small.

Walk along Burg

What project are you working on (large or small) and how can our readers help you with this?

As at the beginning of each new season, I have more ideas on how to sustainably grow my business. This year, because of our new little addition to the family, I am looking for someone who can take on most of my responsibilities. This should be someone who enjoys daily socializing with travelers who want to have a great time in Pittsburgh. Willingness to work when most people are not working will also be part of that job. Organizational, communication and management skills will also be very useful for this position. So dear readers, please send your resume if you think you will enjoy working for a local travel company.

What are you waiting for this year?

Continuing to renovate our new Victorian home, which we recently moved into, and spending more time with my husband and two daughters. This year we hope to be able to take more time to go on long trips also in the warmer months. So far we have mostly traveled in the winter due to the seasonality of the business. This summer I would like to explore several national parks in the west!

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