🗣 Locals you need to know: meet Daniela Pastin, opera singer and DIY diva who enlivens “Carmen” in downtown Benedum

Today’s film “Locals” is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Opera. Visit PittsburghOpera.org purchase tickets to Carmen from March 26th.

Hi Daniel! What is your favorite memory of Pittsburgh?

So much! One is asked to try to make a backstage cry for Act II “Carmen” y season 2009–2010, when I covered (studied) the role of Mikaela. It turns out I can shout very well!

Tell us about your work – your work and / or any volunteer work.

First of all I am an opera singer! I am also a landlord / contractor / property manager / plumber / electrician … I am a true DIY Diva! I can sing the staging as well as help build the scenery if needed.

Diva DIY in its natural element.

Choose your favorite local outdoor experience. What is it? What are we doing? Who’s coming with you?

Kenwood!! We go to the movies “Ghost Revenge” and “Steel Curtain”. My mother is with me and everyone who thinks they will be able to keep up with us!

What is your favorite local social media account and why?

I’m a fan The original Inzersinte desertwhich is a collaboration between Pittsburgh natives Alan Periel, pianist, and another favorite of the Pittsburgh Opera, soprano Alex Lautsion!

If you could eat just one meal at a local restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be?

There are so many GREAT RESTAURANTS y Pittsburgh, but sushi in Penn Ave Fish Market y Strip district at the point!

What project are you working on (large or small) and how can our readers help you with this?

I am currently working on preparing the role of Mikaela for the future production of the Pittsburgh Opera.Carmen“! I studied the role (and of course the behind-the-scenes scream) from the Pittsburgh Opera as a cover for Mikael and have sung that role many times since, but it’s very exciting to return that role to my home company and return to the stage in Benedict!

What are you waiting for this year?

Let’s go back on stage and SING! 🎶

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