Thanks for talking to The Incline! Tell us a little more about your photography practice.

First, I LOVE The Incline. I’ve been a big fan from the beginning, and I’m constantly turning to it to understand what’s going on in our community. (Editor’s note: Thanks, George!)

My photo practice started at the entrance of my parents’ house in Vaverchyna Horka. There is a photo in which I am seven years old, with a camera around my neck, leaning against a white chevy. Since then, I’ve been taking pictures every day. After graduating from Allderdice, I went to Rhode Island Design School for photography, taught in New York with Annie Leibovitz, and then began a wild career that brought me around the world and allowed me to photograph many amazing people. I seek joy with all my subjects – from presidents to celebrities, to people like us! I have a great curiosity to learn what makes us all special and share this through my photos.

You’ve worked on some big names for years. What were the highlights of your career?

I had incredible experiences. The picture of Obama was exciting. Taking a single posed photo of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together was an incredible act. I put plaster Friends in the boxes we built into the huge wall at the peak of their glory – it was wild. Mac Miller was like a force of nature when I photographed him. I sit here and look at my studio, answering this question – every image that looks at me from the frame on the wall feels like a highlight, and they all have their own story.

What brought you back to Berg in 2019?

My mother lived a long and incredibly rich life. She used everything that the Pittsburgh cultural scene had to offer – theater, lectures, music, [and] almost every movie that came out for rent. When she passed away, the house in which she had lived for more than 85 years told us to return from Boulder. I always thought that home is where the heart is, and where you live is always home. Moving to Pittsburgh with my wife Steffi and two boys took the idea of ​​my hometown to a whole new level. Now I am truly at home and the outpouring of love and generosity has been incredibly wonderful.

A collaboration between George and his wife Steffi from their News Break series.

Garfield is one of Pittsburgh’s most creative areas – how have you connected with other local artists and organizations on Penn?

I love Garfield. Really weird things in life don’t happen looking at the screen. Every time I walk on Pen, good things happen. Just last week I ran into it Paul Rosenblatt, an unusual architect and neighbor I have never met. When we got together, we could illuminate the street with all the connections we shared. I love everyone in Spark (and Spork Pit) and generous Folk Indian Restaurantwho fed so many free lunches during the pandemic. I love Silver Eye Center for their commitment to the art of photography. I love Gluten-free goat for making treats for my children with celiac disease. I love Rocky’s Bicycle shop Krainik and John Mehud on Imagebox. I love the whole family who drives a Mexican truck, Takitos. Sean and the whole team Daily bread blew me away with the kindness and incredible drops of Pittsburgh streetwear. I love the youth football program hosted by Bob Jones Garfield Gatorz. I love the parade on the sidewalk outside the window. The only bad thing is to be a part of Blurry: first Fridays at Penn days is that I can’t visit all the other artists when all their doors are open.

Where can we find you and where in ‘Burg’?

I spend a lot of time on youth sports with my kids as well as on professional sports. My first acquaintance with youth sports in Pittsburgh was working on a big assignment for Dick on “The Emotional Side of Youth Sports”. Cafe Margot this is my favorite place for breakfast – big bright windows, great coffee and an awesome breakfast sandwich. I love any place Hal B. Klein recommends. We are at the CCM almost every day. I’ll be too much with groups of kids in Kenwood this summer.

Where can our readers find you and your work?

I opened it Lange Studio at 5427 Penn Ave. this month. We are open by appointment to see prints of old classics and new works. For photo shoots and groups you can contact the studio at [email protected].


IG: @ george.lange

TikTok: soon!

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