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There is more television content available today than anyone could have hoped to watch in their lifetime. There are several hundred TV channels that broadcast projects of hundreds of networks and studios around the clock. At the same time, dozens of streaming services are busy pumping out the original material at dizzying speeds.

Whether you’re a television enthusiast or a casual viewer, deciding what to watch can be difficult. Do you spend your precious few free hours drinking “Tiger King”? Do you grit your teeth into a meaty drama like Ozark, or relax with a weird comedy like Bob’s Hamburgers? Is it better to invest your time in watching popular current series such as “It’s Us” or should you follow old classics like “I Love Lucy”? While you can’t answer these questions so you know exactly which shows are best to watch, this list can tell you which ones aren’t worth your time.

Contributor amounted to 100 worst TV shows of all time. To make a list, IMDb Data on all TV shows were collected and ranked according to IMDb user ratings, number 1 is the worst, as of May 2022. To qualify, the show had to garner at least 2,500 votes and be in English. Formats such as mini-series, reality series and talk shows, as well as regular TV shows on both major and cable networks, as well as streaming services are included. In principle, if it is broadcast on television and is not a film, it was considered on the list.

From soap operas like “Brave and Beautiful” to contests like “The Most Loser” and everything in between – these are, in fact, the worst shows on television.

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