The Little Conestoga Creek Foundation received nearly $2 million from the state for the Blue/Green Corridor, Creek and Trail Restoration Project.

It was one of three development projects in Lancaster County received about $6 million in funding through the state’s Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program, also known as RACP. The projects are expected to provide a total of 662 jobs.

Other projects include a mixed-use development near the new Pennsylvania State Hospital in East Hempfield Township and the renovation of the former St. Joseph’s Hospital. All the projects, they are all on the way, have the appropriate funds.

The Little Conestoga Creek Foundation has been awarded nearly $2 million for the $4 million portion of Phase 2 of the Little Conestoga Blue Green Corridor project in Lancaster Township.

The trail project includes erosion control, demolition, earthworks, storm drains, landscaping, a paved trail and three pedestrian bridges. 15 jobs are expected to be created.

Matching funds are $481,000 from municipal partners; $250,000 from businesses and individuals; $1 million from the Steinman Foundation and $250,000 in federal recreation trail funding. The Steinman Foundation is a local, independent family foundation funded by the companies that make up Steinman Communications. These companies include LNP Media Group, which publishes LNP|LancasterOnline.