20 Ways to Find Out You’re from Lancaster County In trend

This article has been published before, but it is so interesting that we updated it and republished it.

There is a share of pride for where you come from, and we took the time to pay tribute to those from the Lancaster area. Whether it’s woolen pies, long junk, memories of Park City, Lancaster’s list of traditional things is almost endless.

There are proven things that show if a person is from Lancaster, and LancasterOnline has helped you sort out these 20 things that scream that you’re from Lancaster.

You know you’re from Lancaster if:

1. You know that a the sale of dirt is.

Here’s more information on dirt sales across the county for 2022.

pot with chicken pie11.jpg

Order a pot in Lancaster County and you will get a hearty dish with noodles, preferably square and homemade – without crust.

2. You know the difference between a chicken pie and a chicken pie.

3. You know what a wipi pie is.

Lancaster or Maine? That’s where the wipi pies really came from (and where did they get that name)

4. You know that Lancaster is pronounced Lanc-kiss-ter, not Lang-CAS-ter.

5. You were at the sale of chicken corn soup at the fire station.