21,781 cases were registered during the week, as hospitalizations in Lehigh Valley increased by 40% – The Morning Call

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has released a weekly update of data on the COVID-19 pandemic, reporting 21,781 additional infections over the past seven days, averaging 3,112 per day. This means an increase of 46% per week and more than three times the average of 862 daily cases recorded a month ago.

Despite the continued increase in cases, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s community-based tool still lists 56 of the state’s 67 counties in the low-impact group. About 94% of the state’s approximately 13 million residents live in these counties. The tool assesses the impact of the number of patients on the health infrastructure in the region, as well as the raw number of active infections.

Four counties – Bradford, Montour, Sullivan and Susquehan – with a total population of about 125,000 people are classified as high-impact. In these counties, there is a positive test result of up to 19%, and hospital admissions are more than 30 patients per 100,000 population.

Seven counties, including Shuilkil, with a total population of about 605,000 people, are in the medium-impact category, with hospital admissions of 10-15 per 100,000 people and a positive test rate typically above 10%.


The Department of Health reports 907 COVID-positive patients in state hospitals, 96 of them in intensive care beds and 36 in mechanical ventilation. Over the past week, the number of hospitalizations has increased by 18%, and over the past 30 days has almost doubled.

These figures include 88 patients with COVID-positive at Lihai Valley Hospitals, with 9 in intensive care and 8 on mechanical ventilation. Over the past week, the number of local hospitalizations has increased by 40%.

Flying results

Another 81 deaths were registered last week. The seven-day moving average death rate per day is 11.6 compared to 13.1 a week ago, a decrease of 12% over the past seven days. Since March 2020, 44,814 deaths have been recorded in Pennsylvania.


The latest CDC data shows:

Pennsylvania has 8.79 million fully vaccinated people, or 68.6% of the population. Another 2.1 million people need the next vaccination to be considered fully vaccinated. A total of 10.89 million people, or 85.1% of the state’s population, fired 23.16 million shots.

These figures across the state include 478,745 residents of Lehigh Valley who are fully vaccinated, accounting for 71.0% of the local population. A total of 556,712 locals received 1.2 million shots in the hand, representing 82.5% of the valley’s population.

According to the CDC, Pennsylvania residents receive an average of 17,080 vaccinations each day. 2968 of them are the first doses. The number of general vaccinations per day over the past 30 days has increased by 52%. The number of first doses taken per day decreased by 13.4% over the past 30 days.

Lihai Valley

Cases: 1,518 additional reports of cases this week, with 763 in Lehigh County, 755 in Northampton County. This leads to 173,271.

Flying results: In the last seven days, 8 new deaths have been reported, four in each county. This leads to 2343 (1246 in Lehigh and 1097 in Northampton).

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