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The Denver Auction House, based in Denver, will host a double bill on May 17 and 18 for military and firearms fees.

213 parties of military and early weapons will be represented at the session on May 17. The May 18 session has 405 lots with a selection of rifles, pistols, shotguns and more.

Bidding starts at 9 am on both days. Bidders can participate in person or remotely

Here are three unique items from the sale:

A rare American flag

The rare American flag with 17 stars and 17 stripes, formerly owned by the descendants of Navy Officer Stephen Decatre Jr. (1779-1820), formerly owned by the descendants of Naval Officer Stephen Decatur (1779-1820), is among more than 200 lots of troops available during the May 17 session. The sample flag dates back to about 1804-1812, according to a Morphy’s press release, and coincides with the current U.S. Navy service, Stephen Decatter Jr. The value of the flag is 30-50 thousand dollars.

Revolver Colt disposable

The Colt Army Revolver with a one-time range is among more than 400 consignments of firearms available during the May 18 session. The revolver with serial number “58”, manufactured before July 1873, is one of nine included in the first commercial shipment of army revolvers Colt Single-Action Revolvers, sent by Schuyler, Hartley & Graham on September 2, 1873 according to a press release . from Morphy’s.

“Colt’s first single-action revolvers have unique features that are unique to their type,” Morphy Auctions firearms consultant Jeremy Hatch said in a press release. “Serial number 58 showcases all of these features, being 100% authentic and original in every way.”

The Colt revolver will come with a four-page letter written in 2007 by Colt authority Ron Graham. It is estimated at 100-150 thousand dollars.

Morphine machine gun

The original German Rheinmettal machine gun

One of the five famous original German MG42 / 59 machine guns manufactured by Rheinmettal will be available during the session on 18 May. The weapon in an almost monolithic state has the Rheinmettal logo and has an origin that includes the collection of the respected firearms enthusiast JR Moody’s, registered in the National Firearms Act, according to a Morphy press release. The estimate of the machine is 50-100 thousand dollars.

The Morphy’s Militaria and Firearms Auction takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17 and 18, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Morphy Gallery, located at 2000 N. Reading Road in Denver.

For more information call 877-968-8880 or visit

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