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Perhaps the entire elite Bravo squad was pinned down and under heavy fire SEAL Team Season 5 is over but based on trailer and photos for Paramount+ war drama returns on September 18, we have only one thing left to worry about: Clay Spencer (Max Thieriot).

Clay also planned to take time away from Bravo as the team headed to Mali, West Africa, for their mission. As he explained to Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), he planned to stand up for the Green Team so he could be close to his family, at least for the foreseeable future. Jason made sure he knew the door was open for him to come back when he was ready. But now it seems that the proposal should stand for a different reason.

As we worry about Clay until September 18th, we are looking at ways SEAL Team could handle the aftermath of the Season 6 finale, considering Thieriot is also starring in the new CBS drama Country of fire.

Clay survived, but his recovery spanned the season

The trailer shows Clay in the hospital and Bravo working without him, so we know that no matter what happens, he’s going to have some sort of recovery period ahead of him. But could it be that he covers all of season six, checking in on his progress from time to time? (Thierriot could, after all, be shooting scenes for multiple episodes at once, if the schedule is something to consider.) And then he could either return to Bravo for the final mission, or his future with the team would be up in the air for a potential seventh season (and to see when Country of fire updated).

Clay survived but rejoined Bravo around mid-season

Again, we know that Clay will be away from Bravo for at least a little while, but instead of returning for the final mission of Season 6, he could always return to work around Episode 6. That would mean seeing him on op after recovering this season, plus he’ll still be home for a while with his family like he wanted before they got hit.

Clay Dies

The darkest outcome is, we hope, the least likely. It’s hard to imagine SEAL Team Clay’s murder—though that drama has lost team members in the line of duty in the past—but something could always go wrong while he recovers, even as Bravo deploys for his latest operation. After all, imagine how tragic it would be for them to receive the call that he has died while they are on the other side of the world, unable to get home for the funeral. and must put their feelings aside to focus on the mission.

SEAL TeamSeason 6 premieres Sunday, September 18 on Paramount+

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