32 years ago Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson, shocking the sports world [video] | Sports

On February 11, 1990, Buster Douglas made one of the biggest setbacks in the history of the sport. Douglas, who was a big outsider, knocked out Mike Tyson in the 10th round of their boxing bout for the World Heavyweight Championships in Tokyo.

Tyson, who at the time had a score of 37-0 out of 33 of those knockout victories, was never even beaten in his career.

Douglas threw Tyson onto the canvas with a barrage of blows in the 10th round, and Iron Mike was unable to get to his feet before the 10th ended the fight.

Douglas himself was knocked down by a right uppercut from Tyson in the eighth round of the bout. Douglas rose to his feet at the score of nine, and the round ended immediately thereafter.

Here is a video of the highlights of the battle, including two knockdowns.

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