35 years ago Mike Schmidt of Phyllis killed the 500th Homer [video] | Sports

On April 18, 1987, at the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Mike Schmidt made his 500th home run. Schmidt’s Homer was an important milestone when the Phils fell behind 6-5 and reached the final in the ninth inning.

The Hall of Fame beat home run 3-0 through the wall of the left field from Pirates Don Robinson’s right hand man. The explosion of three runs brought “Phils” their last result in the victory with a score of 8-6. Earlier, “Phils” increased the score 5: 0.

Juan Samuel and von Hayes, who later ruled Lancaster Barnstormers, were at the base when the blast occurred.

Kent Teculwe took ninth place without points to secure Phyllis ’victory.

April 18, 1987: Phyllis 8, Pirates 6 through

Schmidt, who retired in the middle of the 1989 season, ended his career with 548 home runs.

Mike Schmidt’s statistics through

Here is a video of Schmidt’s 500th home run with his favorite Phillies announcer Harry Kalas. See how Homer Schmidts celebrates as he heads to first base, his teammates greet him on a home plate, his wife greets him in the stands and Pirates fans applaud him standing up.

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