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4 people fell from a California rock; 1 killed and 2 badly injured News

PALACE VERDES ESTATE, CA. Before dawn on Monday, four people fell off a cliff in Southern California, a man was killed and two women were seriously injured, authorities said.

A fourth man, a man with minor injuries, managed to climb off the beach below and warn an officer who was passing by, around 4:30 a.m., said Captain Steve Barber of the Palais Verdes Police Department.

According to Barber, a 25-year-old man from Los Angeles died at the scene. Two women were taken from the beach and each hospitalized in critical condition, he said.

Helicopters of television news showed how a Los Angeles County Fire Department helicopter lifted one of the victims to a rescue vehicle on top of a cliff.

Police were investigating the incident as an accident, Barber said.

The Palais Verdes Estates is located on the Palais Verdes Peninsula in southern Los Angeles County.

The trail runs along the top of a cliff about 300 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

There have been several accidents in the area over the years, Barber said, and several suicides.

“At the moment there is no indication that it was anything other than an accident,” he said.

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