51 years ago Ali and Fraser fought in “Fight of the Century” [video] | Sports

On March 8, 1971, Joe Fraser and Muhammad Ali competed for the Heavyweight Boxing Championship. At the time of the fight, both fighters were not defeated.

Fraser, who knocked Ali down with a left hook in the 15th round, won by unanimous court decision.

For Ali it was only the third fight after a 2 and a half year absence from the sport after he was stripped of the title for refusing to recruit during the Vietnam War.

The fight, which took place in Madison Square Garden and was called the “Fight of the Century”, was the first of three fights between the two boxers.

Ali won two fights in two other fights (“Super Fight II” in 1974 and “Thrilla in Manilla” in 1975).

Here is a video of the whole fight “Fight of the Century”.

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