A bereaved father was reminded of his children’s deaths as he attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday (19/09/22).

Danny Abdallah, who famously forgave the drunk driver who hit and killed his three children, Anthony, 13, Angelina, 12, and Sienna, eight, in February 2020, was one of 10 Australian citizens invited to the funeral British monarch. and while it was “a great experience and an honor” to be a part of the event, he couldn’t help but think about his own personal tragedy.

The founder of the i4give Day charity told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper: “It was a great experience and an honor to be part of history.

“I feel for the family and the grief and pain they will experience.

“I was a little sad when I went back to my children’s funeral, but I really believe there is life after life.”

Another Aussie, Shanna Wang, was also part of the Australian delegation, and while the Sober in the Country founder found the occasion “overwhelming”, she was proud to represent her country’s “rural space”.

She added: “From the moment I heard the bagpipes to Her Majesty’s coffin passing us, to the hymns – I had tears streaming down my face.”

Shanna previously admitted she was “very grateful” to receive a custom-made hat from Sydney designer Neil Grigg to wear to the funeral.

She said: “Honestly, I’m so grateful I could cry and I did. The community support that has come out this week from Australia is indescribable.

“This girl with elementary means and elementary desires is a little depressed. Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that with these hats and Carla Zampatti’s designs, I can represent us with style and grace.”


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