A local pharmacist takes part in the republican forum Health

Gatti pharmacy owner Stephanie Smith Cooney, Pharm.D., Participated in the steering committee forum of the National Association of Community Pharmacists. The annual two-day event in Alexandria, Virginia, is dedicated to extensive and in-depth discussions of the role of independent public pharmacies in health care and how best to deliver them to the future.

She was among 80 pharmacist professionals and student pharmacists who worked with NCPA staff to develop new initiatives to support independent pharmacies and their patients for next year.

In communities across the country, independent community pharmacies are a vital resource for patients.

The pharmacy market is developing – characterized by the fact that more and more Americans are looking for prescription services; the growing role of government as a regulator and major buyer of health services; competition from pharmacy companies by mail; and technological advances all ensure that the future viability of independent public pharmacies depends on their ability to adapt.

There are six committees dedicated to addressing specific aspects of the problems faced by public pharmacies on a daily basis and how these issues affect the patients they serve. Committees are replenished; long-term care; new models; state legislation and regulations; national legislation and public affairs; and technology. Smith Cooney is on the committee of new models.

On April 8-9, each committee met and was presented with the results of a recently completed priority survey of NCPA members.

The committees then identified areas in which they would work with staff over the next year, and established a schedule of goals and expectations based on the committee’s area of ​​interest.

Founded in 1898, the National Association of Community Pharmacists is the voice of public pharmacists, representing 22,000 pharmacies employing 250,000 people nationwide.

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