A local soldier talks about “eventful” fighting in Ukraine; Chester County is a leader in open space; Embiid’s thumb is a concern for the 76ers

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Retired Army Major Patrick Creed.

In southern Ukraine, security services are “eventful,” according to Pat Creed of Heverford

Patrick Creed, 54, a veteran of Hevertown who went to fight in Ukraine, sent out the latest update on Friday. Creed, a retired U.S. Army major who won a Bronze Star in Iraq, is now fighting a Ukrainian foreign territorial brigade somewhere in southern Ukraine. He told his 1,300 Facebook friends that he saw some excitement during the usually fruitless night watch.

Chester County occupies 30 percent of the preserved area

In December 2015, Chester County celebrated its landmark “odometer moment,” a date when the county exceeded 50,000 acres of land that had been preserved as part of its pioneering space program. Last week, the county commissioners announced another significant milestone in land conservation: more than 30 percent of the county is now preserved as an open space. According to an analysis of the Protected Open Space Tracking System (POST) of the county planning commission, as of December 31, the county had reached 147,000 hectares of preserved land. For comparison, this is the size of the city of Philadelphia – 13 times larger.

The pool at French Creek State Park will be closed for the season

The pool at French Creek State Park will be closed for the summer season, the state’s Department of Nature and Natural Resources announced on Friday. “Unfortunately, we will not have the necessary number of lifeguards and support staff to open a pool in the park in 2022,” said park manager James Wassel in a release. “We are working to find solutions so that park visitors can enjoy swimming in the park in the future. All other park facilities and leisure opportunities will be open during the season and we look forward to a wonderful year in French Creek. ”

Montgomery County has sanctioned $ 2.3 million contracts to clean up Ida

Montgomery County Authorities have allowed another $ 2.3 million to continue the cleanup and repairs needed for nearly seven months after the remnants of Hurricane Ida devastated the area. The storm on September 1, 2021 caused extensive damage to much of the county and led to historic levels of flooding and tornadoes EF-2. As a result of the storm, many individuals and families were also displaced.

Montco will hold an open day on April 25 for the Ridge Improvement Project

Montgomery County invites the public to the Whitemarsh Town Administration Building on April 25, 2022 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the eve of the open day for Section D of the Pike Ridge Improvement Project. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the timing of Section D, meet with the construction team and ask questions. Section D, which runs from Crescent Avenue to Philadelphia and runs through the towns of Whitemarsh and Springfield, will be built in May.


Johan Camarga of Philadelphia Phyllis plays during a baseball game, on Saturday, April 23, 2022, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo / Matt Slocum)

“Much Better” Zach Wheeler is still not good enough to beat the Brewers

If it was Clearwater where Zach Wheeler’s body could be fooled, then taking second place in the Sai Young National League would be all the same what’s been going on lately. Unfortunately for Wheeler, who broke away from the sore shoulder that knocked him off at the end of the offseason, cut short by lockout, his training games now count … and count against Phyllis. Basically cruising after four innings on Saturday at Citizens Bank Park, Wheeler slightly canceled in the fifth. He allowed four runs, which was not enough to overcome the attack in hot and cold mode in the defeat of Phyllis with a score of 5-3.

McCaffer: When they watched the championship, the Sixers handed out a bad hand

When they traveled to Toronto last week to continue the playoff series in the NBA’s first round, the 76ers were aware of the dangers. Some could take. First, they could not survive. After two Raptors defeats at the Wells Fargo Center they hoped to complete the sweep, win a week off and qualify for the second round after the season. This option disappeared on Saturday with a defeat of 110-102. They didn’t play well. It happens. But they split the pair in Toronto and will get a big advantage to finish the series in Game 5 on Monday night at the Wells Fargo Center. So immediate panic, if there was one, would have been muted. The Sixers will survive a lost basketball match. They cannot survive another incident that befell them in Canada. Namely, they can’t survive Joel Embiid’s injury to such an extent that he is unlikely to remain as historically dominant as he has been all season.

The “boring” second half of “Union” gives a draw with Montreal

Saturday afternoon’s 1-1 draw with Montreal wasn’t much. “This second half was sad, to put it bluntly, for both teams,” said manager Jim Curtin. “It was not enough for us to attack, we seemed to cancel each other, and they were comfortable.” Boring, really. Which greatly satisfied the visitors.


Michael Miller’s Garden West Reading in mid-summer. (courtesy of Michael Michael Miller)

Gardening can affect your life and the lives of others

It is said that most gardeners have traits of patience, curiosity, perseverance, surprise and kindness. Personal observation has proven this to be true. Over the years of writing garden stories for “Reading Eagle” I have met hundreds of gardeners, from beginner to master gardener. Almost all of them exhibited these characteristics. Gardeners are just usually generous, caring people. Who can say whether these traits are inherent and the reason for the craving for gardening, or whether they develop as a result of gardening? I suspect it could be a combination of these things.

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