A look inside the newly renovated orchid house in Longwood Gardens [photos, video] | Home and garden

The recently restored orchid house in Longwood Gardens has room for dozens of plants.

Less noticeable but still important features are temperature control for tropical plants and melting snow outside the glass walls.

The house with an orchid is the first big step in extensive construction project on the site in Kenneth Square.

After a year of renovation, the 100-year-old orchid house has new elements such as a vestibule, glass roof and walls, lamps and frame wallpaper for orchids. Some antique items, like bronze showcases and mosaic concrete, have been restored.

More than 250 orchids will be on display daily. They are part of the Longwood Orchid collection of 5,000 plants.

“We have been creating and caring for our collection since the 1920s,” said Greg Griffiths, a senior gardener and curator of the orchid collection, in a press release. “Our restored orchid house will allow us to better showcase the beauty and diversity of our famous collection, as well as continue to expand the collection and share these unusual plants with our guests for years to come.”

More than a century ago Pierre and Alice dupont set aside part of its conservatory specifically for the orchid collection.

Here’s a look into the new space:

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