A man from Norristown faces imprisonment on charges of using weapons – Daily Local

NARYSTOWN – A man from Noristown is due to apply to prison later this month after he confessed to illegally carrying firearms in the area.

Jackie Cooley, 28, from quarter 1200 on Washington Street, was sentenced in a Montgomery County court to 9 to 23 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to a serious charge of a firearm that cannot be carried without a license. communications from September. The 2020 incident in the area.

Judge Rhys Vetri Ferman, who accepted a plea agreement in the case, ordered Cooley on April 19 to appear in a prison in Lower Providence to begin serving his sentence. The judge said Cooley would be eligible for a prison release program while serving his sentence.

Cooley, who indicated a previous address in the 500th quarter on Janeway Drive, also has to pass a five-year probationary period after parole, meaning he will be on trial for about seven years.

The investigation began around 1pm on September 5, 2020, when Norisstavna police were sent to an apartment building at 300 Dartmouth Street to report a domestic incident. Residents there told police that Cooley was involved in an oral argument with a woman and then left with a gun that was in the house, according to a criminal complaint filed by Norristown Police Officer Kevin Fritchman.

Police later stopped Cooley’s movement for allegedly driving under a stop in the 500th quarter on Janeway Drive, according to court documents. During a traffic stop, police asked Cooley if there were any weapons in the car.

Bullets turned to the right, leaned back and looked behind the passenger seat, but then said “No”, according to the arrest certificate. Cooley later agreed to search the car.

According to the criminal complaint, Officer Fritzman “found a rifle case behind the front passenger seat exactly where Cooley was looking when asked if he had a gun in the car.” Inside the case, police found a clipped Winchester rifle with a serial number that returned as “records not found” and the gun “was manipulated, leaving the barrel less than 16 inches long,” Fritchman said.

Police also found three digital scales and 13 clear sandwich-type packets containing white matter, which tested positive for cocaine, according to the criminal case.

Other charges of banning offensive weapons, persons not possessing firearms, driving under suspension and possession of controlled substances, were dropped against Kuli under a plea agreement.

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