A man from Norristown received a new sentence for stealing a Whitpain car, rampant crimes

NARYSTOWN – A man from Noristown, previously convicted of car theft or attempted to abduct many frightened drivers in Whitpein, and who later won a new appellate court, decided to plead guilty to the charge and received a new sentence.

George Ronald McCready III, 36, of the 200th quarter of East Marshall Street, pleaded guilty in a Montgomery County court to car robbery charges and four counts of attempted car theft in connection with numerous March 17 incidents. 2019

Judge Wendy Demchyk-Aloy sentenced McCredes to 6 to 14 years in prison.

During a trial without a jury in December 2019, Judge William R. Carpenter convicted McCredes on charges of car theft, robbery, attempted car theft, assault and negligent danger to others. In June 2020, Carpenter sentenced McCredes to 7 and a half to 15 years in prison.

However, McCready appealed his sentence, and last year the state Supreme Court upheld his appeal and appointed a new court.

Shortly before his new trial was due to begin this month before Demchik-Alloy, McCready pleaded guilty.

The new sentence handed down by Demchyk-Aloy essentially shortened the year of the minimum sentence that Makrides received from Carpenter.

Assistant District Attorney Tanner Beck argued that McCredes originally received between 7 and a half to 15 years in prison, and relied on preliminary testimony from victims who expressed the horror they felt during the incidents.

“It has affected society and the victims in immeasurable numbers,” Beck said, adding that victims do not feel safe when in their cars. “It wasn’t just one or two victims, it’s five different groups of victims, and it’s just a danger it poses to society.”

Lawyer Francis Genovese represented McCredes’ interests during the last trial.

The crime unfolded around 7:30 p.m. on March 17, 2019, when McCready approached a woman who was standing near a home along Blue Bell Springs Drive, and when he asked in her time, grabbed the keys and got into her car, according to the filed criminal complaint. Whitpain Township police officers Jonathan Gallagher and Bradley Potter.

The victim and her boyfriend tried to stop McCredes as he drove away, chasing the vehicle and sometimes holding on, but they were prevented when McCredes continued to “intermittently turn,” police said.

During his escape, McCready crashed into the curb, and the Ford Focus eventually became inoperable at Skippack Pike, while DeKalb Pike and Mackrides abandoned the vehicle, according to a criminal complaint.

Police said McCready approached a Mitsubishi Outlander car that contained a woman and her teenage son, who was stopped at a red traffic light at an intersection.

“The defendant opened the door on the driver’s side and said (to the woman), ‘I need this car, get out!’ McCredes. a short distance before he broke free.

McCredes then ran to the parking lot shared by CVS and Wawa, and tried to hijack the man and woman who were in the Subaru Forester car. McCready opened the driver’s door and grabbed the man by the neck and tried to “pull” him out of the car, police said.

According to court testimony, the driver told his wife to flee to the CVS to call for help and then began driving the vehicle, trying to break free from the grip of McCredes, who was still hanging around his neck.

McCredes eventually fell out of the Subaru Forester and then ran to a man who was driving into a Mazda car parked near Wawa, and brutally pushed the man off the road and sat in the driver’s seat.

At this time, Whitpain police arrived on the scene, and McCready came out of the Forester and fled on foot with police in pursuit.

McCready ran to a nearby pizzeria parking lot on DeCalb Pike, where he tried to steal the car of a man and his wife, according to testimony and court documents. When McCready burst into the driver’s seat, police arrived, closed and took him out of the car at gunpoint.

“(Makrides) surrendered and raised his hands,” police wrote in a statement of arrest.

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