A man from Potstown is in jail on charges of drug trafficking

NARYSTOWN – A man from Pottstown, listed in court documents as a member of a home-grown street gang, is going to jail for selling heroin or fentanyl in the area.

Jamir K. Mitchell, 22, of the 100th Quarter of South Roland Street, was sentenced by a Montgomery County court to 4 to 8 years in a state penitentiary after pleading guilty to numerous charges of custody for the purpose of delivering supervised substances in connection with four drug deals that took place between March and August 2019.

Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Hughes sought to punish Mitchell’s imprisonment in the state, including a consistent timeline for each drug deal, saying Mitchell pumped “poison drugs” into society.

“Every sale, every bag is a chance for someone to overdose or die,” Hughes said, adding that every time Mitchell sold drugs, he put people in danger.

Mitchell’s arrest was the result of a Potstown police investigation that involved so-called controlled drug purchases, during which Mitchell, who also provided a 300th address on North Evans Street, repeatedly sold packaged heroin / fentanyl to whistleblowers.

In court documents, detectives claimed that Mitchell “is a member of a street gang known as the BGB (Bud Gang Bitch)”, who has a “BGB” tattoo on his arm. Detectives claim that Mitchell is a rapper who talks about the band, and that in his music videos posted on social media, there are people demonstrating firearms.

Detectives claim that “many members of this gang have been arrested and convicted of drug trafficking and firearms.”

Hughes noted that after Mitchell was charged with drugs, he committed other crimes, including attempted robbery and firearms crimes, for which he was convicted and for which he is still awaiting sentencing. Hughes argued that Mitchell’s behavior had escalated and that he posed an undue risk to society.

Judge Thomas S. Branco said he was also concerned about Mitchell’s subsequent criminal behavior, committed while he was on a recognizance not to leave pending a 2019 drug trial.

“It tells me that the accused really poses a danger to society not only as a drug dealer but also as a gunman,” said Branca, who sentenced Mitchell to prison for separate drug sales to get between 4 and 8 years of imprisonment. “Everything less ignores the danger that the defendant poses to society.”

Before learning about his fate, Mitchell, represented by lawyer Laurie Jubelirer, apologized for his “mistakes.”

“I just want to say that I apologize for my past. I made mistakes, and I treat men like that, admitting my guilt, accepting my guilt, ”Mitchell told the judge.

In April, Mitchell pleaded guilty to attempted robbery in connection with the January 24, 2021 incident in which he and another man participated in an attempted robbery with a handgun in the back of 300 blocks of North Evans Street, according to court records. Mitchell is currently awaiting a hearing on the case.

Mitchell is also awaiting sentencing after being convicted in a trial on charges of misappropriation of firearms, possession of a firearm with a changed serial number, transactions with proceeds from illegal activities and storage for the purpose of delivering controlled substances in connection with in March 2021 in

Mitchell is scheduled to hand down other sentences in June.

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