A proposed ordinance would increase the salaries of elected officials in Reading

The proposed ordinance would increase the salaries of Redding’s elected officials.

The City Council, at its regular meeting Monday, introduced a measure that would raise the salaries of the mayor, council members and city auditor, effective at the beginning of the terms of those elected in the next municipal elections: in 2023 for the president and council members, and 2024 for the mayor and city auditor.

The mayor’s proposed salary for 2024 is $99,000, an increase of $26,400 from the current salary of $72,600.

Under the proposed ordinance, the mayor’s salary would increase gradually over the next four years to $102,000 in 2025, $105,000 in 2026 and $108,000 annually.

The city auditor’s proposed salary would also increase over the next four years to $80,000 in 2024, a $17,000 increase from $63,000; up to $81,000 by 2025; up to $83,000 for 2026; and up to $84,000 annually thereafter.

The proposed annual salary for the board president, starting in January, will be $8,750, a $3,250 increase from the current salary of $5,500.

The proposed salary for council members will be $8,000 starting in January, an increase of $3,000 from $5,000.

The positions of mayor and city auditor are considered full-time. Board positions are part-time.

Elected official compensation was last increased in 2011 and remained frozen while the city had Act 47 in effect.

The city came out of distressed cities protection under the law last month.

A study by the Philadelphia firm Public Financial Management, which is tasked with developing a plan to help the city regain financial solvency, found that compensation for Redding’s elected officials is not comparable to that of similar-sized municipalities in the state, according to the proposal.

As of the 2022 census, Reading is the fourth-most populous city in Pennsylvania with a population of 95,112, a sharp increase since the last time compensation for these elected officials was set.

There was no discussion of this issue at Monday’s meeting.

The earliest the council can take action on the proposal is Sept. 26.

You can familiarize yourself with the proposed order by downloading the agenda of the city council meeting on August 22. web page.

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