UPPER UWCHLAN – Local overseer Cristina “PC” Giulia is running for governor as a candidate from the Green Party.

A neighbor of Marsh Creek State Park, she has been active against the Mariner East pipeline, plastic layer and petrochemical infrastructure. She said she has many similar beliefs with most Green Party members and is supported by the Pennsylvania Green Party.

“The two-party system has brought us the most,” she said. “I give people a different choice.”

Resident of Verkhny Ukhlan Kristina “PC” Didiulia is running for governor. (PHOTOS)

Yes, Julia was recently arrested for stopping the construction of the Mariner East pipeline near her beloved Marsh Creek late at night. She said she was found not guilty of hooliganism by a judge for taking direct action to stop the construction of the pipeline, which, in the judge’s opinion, “caused less damage than what she tried to prevent”, and rejected the prosecutor’s statement that she did not soon. danger.

Republican candidates for governor include Doug Mastrian, Melissa Hart, Lou Barlett, Joseph Gale, Charlie Gerow, William McSwayne, Jacob Corman, Nche Zama and Dave White. Josh Shapiro is running for Democrat.

Yes, Julia criticizes the two main political parties.

“I’m running to push the barbell where I need to go,” said Giulia. “Democrats are not progressive; they are fighting a party that calls itself the Conservatives but is actually regressive in its policies.

“What is happening with this dynamic is what is pulling us further and further to the right.”

Giulia also said too many Democrats were “stuck in the fight” for the status quo.

“We need real progressives, not a group that calls itself progressives because they are standing in the sand,” the candidate said. “The progress we need will require a strong push to the left.”

Asked what her chances are of winning the race, Di Julia said it depends on what the person views as winning.

“For me, victory is to bring new thoughts and ideas into the political conversation,” she said.

So, what problems could she solve in case of election?

“Health is a human right,” she said.

Yes Julia strongly believes in the rights of women and mothers. “Mothers are struggling.

“They carry the burden of our future and need to be exalted and supported. Women are seen as a political target, and this violence needs to stop.

“Women’s right to abortion is a matter of their access to health care, not a hot button, as politicians use it. We must take care of our mothers, including Mother Earth! ”

The candidate said climate change is huge. She noted that such a war as the Ukrainian one would not have happened if we had already switched from fossil fuels.

“At this point, we don’t have time to waste,” she said. “We are in a climate emergency, and the current geopolitical crisis is just a symptom of the crisis.”

As a chemist and research scientist, Giulia wants employees to move from working in the fossil fuel industry to the field of renewable energy.

“We need to look at the mistakes we have made,” said Giulia. “Politicians have no scientific education.

“I’m just trying to be a responsible and responsible scientist.”

She is also very concerned about the waste generated by fracking.

“With the transition from fossil fuels, we need to consider the whole process from cradle to grave, from toxicity to labor and the cost of cleaning,” she said.

She prefers localism.

“We need to make sure our foundation is strong,” she said. “If not, it will fall.

“Localism helps people slow down and focus on their local community. We are fragile because we do not have a strong foundation. “

The candidate also advocates redirecting funds from the war and excessive police to preventive measures to reduce poverty and address mental and behavioral health.

“We need to start from basic needs – again from the cradle to the grave – we as a society need to make sure we take care of each other,” she said. “Everyone should have shared health care that includes mental health coverage, dental insurance and women’s health needs.

“Providing health for all allows us to be the strongest self as a society, and we are as strong as our weakest link.”

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