In 1971 France Moore Paws started the food revolution by promoting plant foods in his book, A diet for a small planet. Fifty years later, her book was updated – and that revolution became the way of life for millions. Last week Marty spoke to Francis Moore Lappe in virtual form Radio Times event. They talked about how plant-based food can help restore our damaged ecology, solve the climate crisis, move us to a healthier planet … and also delicious.


Francis Moore Lapeauthor and co-author of more than 20 books, including her first book, A diet for a small planet, The 50th anniversary edition has just come out. She is also a co-founder of the Small Planet Institute. @ fmlappé

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True, Trees and crops should not compete. Climate crisis requires agroforestry“Ultimately, their work has protected and restored perhaps up to 200 million trees, all of which absorb carbon, improve soil fertility and significantly increase yields,” earth experts explained to me.

Earth Island Magazine, Understanding Our strength: agriculture and food for the small planet“On a larger scale, every third person on Earth does not have access to sufficient food, according to the UN Food Policy Division. These sufferings continue even when the world produces a lot of calories and a fifth more calories per person than when I first wrote A diet for a small planet».

The Washington Post, The “Diet for the Little Planet” helped launch a food revolution. In 50 years it develops “I’m not an optimist – I’m a realist,” she says. “Everything is possible, we just have to do it.”

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