A second arrest was made in Washington County by a shot grandmother

Washington, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – The second arrest was made in connection with shooting 58-year-old Christine Barfield.

Brandon Allen, 31, of Washington, was arrested and brought to trial in Washington County early Saturday morning.

Allen along with 15-year-old Tirik Moss is accused of shooting and killing Barfield while she was sitting on her porch last week. According to court documents, Moss and Allen agreed to shoot someone else on the porch, but apparently missed and hit Barfield instead. Police said Allen drove past the house on Ridge Street while he and Moss were shot from a moving car.

Helen has been charged with a number of crimes, including criminal murder and assault, among other things, new court documents show.

Judge Kelly J. Stewart denied Allen the possibility of bail, and Allen is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 3.

An additional warrant was issued for a third suspect, Javarra Thomas, who is still fleeing.

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