A Kelly spokesman welcomes young participants in the March 2022 March for Life in Washington, DC.

Today, US MP Mike Kelly (R-PA) released the following statement afterwards reports The U.S. Supreme Court has voted to declare Rowe’s landmark decision against Wade unconstitutional and return abortion policies in the states.

“If the reports about the future decision of the US Supreme Court are true, it is a great victory for the movement for life.” Said Kelly. “I have been defending the unborn for many years and the principle that abortion laws should be passed by popularly elected representatives, not justice activists. I am proud to stand up for the unborn, and will continue to promote my legislation, the Heartbeat Protection Act, through Congress in the coming months and years.

“If the messages are true about the coming decision, then the marches, speeches, standing, consecration, faith and prayers have brought great benefits for greater moral good,Kelly continued. “I also want to talk to those who have had an abortion and are struggling with their decision: you need to know that forgiveness and grace – for yourself and others – will help heal these emotional wounds. This decision is not just another tool to divide us, but it should bring us closer under the banner of protecting lives for all. ”


In 1973, Rowe v. Wade guaranteed federal constitutional protection of abortion rights. Over the last 50 years more 63 million abortions have taken place in the United States. During his service in Congress, MP Kelly was a staunch supporter of the movement for the life and protection of the unborn. In 2021, Kelly introduced Heartbeat Protection Actwhich prohibits abortion when detecting the heartbeat of an unborn child. Since being elected to Congress, Kelly, a father of four and a grandfather of ten, has worked to protect lives:

  • Protecting the religious freedom of individuals and organizations advocating for life.
  • Opposing the financing of abortion by taxpayers
  • Countering racial and gender abortion
  • Against the financing of abortion in foreign aid
  • Against abortions of unborn children experiencing pain


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