Aaron Boone thrown out in the eighth inning when the Yankees lost to the Blue Jays – The Morning Call

TARONTA – Aaron Boone pulled a pack of chewing gum out of his mouth and tossed it to the left of his home plate as he angrily stepped out of the dugout. The Yankees manager was upset by referee Marty Foster’s strike zone, especially against dashing Aaron Judge, all night.

Boone was furious after the referee made two innings – which, according to MLB Statcast, seemed out of range – which were called punches. Boone came out with a score of 2-2 to argue.

“Earlier (Yusei) Kikuchi was just trying to play around (the judge), so I was obviously a little upset,” Boone said, referring to the judge’s strikeout in the sixth inning. “And there were a couple more (calls). But yes, nothing more. Nothing more. We played a lot, and it just felt like there were a couple (innings) that didn’t go our way. ”

Foster and crew leader Ron Culp declined to comment on the catapult, but MLB is likely to view a video of the incident. The argument on the field was unusually long and flared up, and Foster eventually shouted at Boone. Foster seemed to be saying that Boone spat at him.

“I don’t know. I was pretty crazy there. So yes, I don’t think so, ”Boone said when asked about the charges and the possibility of dismissal. “Hopefully without suspension or anything. I kept it under control. “

Boone’s fire, which in 2019 was immortalized by his “Savages in a Box” comment that wound up on T-shirtswas not lost to his players.

“I expressed my opinion to Marty during the game and kind of let him know what I was thinking about some calls, and at that point that’s all I can do,” Judge said. “So I had a manager. If I get into one of these situations, we will be hurt. …. So he stood up for us and for me, and I appreciate that. “

Having missed three games in a row with a tense left crotch, Joey Gala returned to the squad on Wednesday night. He rode in the only series of “Yankees” with a solo Homer from Kikuchi in the third inning of the defeat of “Bombers” with a score of 2-1 from the Blue Jays

“I think he proved he was ready to go yesterday and I want to honor that,” Boone said. “I want to go back there, join the game and then relax, it works well.”

Gala beats .188 / .288 / .332 with .816 OPS, three home runs and four RBIs. Lefty struck out 30 times in 64 pri-bits and walked nine times.

Gala first felt this Saturday night in Kansas City when he broke down to try to steal second base.

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