Abortion advocates march in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – Protests are continuing across the country over the leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling that could possibly overturn Rowe v. Wade.

One such protest took place in Pittsburgh on Saturday. Proponents of women’s rights have stated that the movement is not only about abortion, but also the protection of everyone’s freedoms. They believe that the few should not take away the rights of many.

“Women’s rights are human rights, and women’s freedom is human freedom,” said Tracy Baton. “An attack on freedom by the Supreme Court is an attack we have never seen. We have never seen the courts overturn freedom.”

The women and men marched together in protest, sharing familiar experiences with some. Batan argues that being “for life” can mean making tough decisions about circumstance-based abortions.

“Every child deserves food, every child deserves care and concern,” Baton said. “The health of black women in Pittsburgh is disgusting. It’s all a matter of life, and in many cases the decision to support life is the decision to have an abortion.”

(Photo credit: KDKA)

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gaine joined the action, passionately promoting women’s rights while urging the group to continue fighting.

“Without adversity, we can’t make a challenge,” Gainey said. “They have challenged us and we will show them that they will never repeal Rowe against Wade because we, the people, are here to fight you at every turn.”

Singing erupted from the steps of the city district to the Market Square in the city, when women’s rights activists said they were responding to the call to fight against the attack on the right to abortion.

“I think that if we are afraid at home, they can come to our freedom,” Baton said. “When we perform together, we make up most of America.”

Organizers said the decision to protect women’s rights comes with a vote.

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