About 20,000 people are expected to attend the Trump Oz rally in Westmarland County

GREENSBURG, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Former President Donald Trump will be in Westmarland County on Friday night to campaign for Mehmet Oz.

He supported the television celebrity in the place of Senator Pat Toomey. About 20,000 people are expected to attend the rally on Friday.

Less than 24 hours left before the gates opened for the rally, but people from across the country headed to the Westmoreland Fair to hear the former president. For some, these rallies are a pilgrimage of political persuasion.

The crews are still preparing the stage as Trump supporters make their way to Mount Pleasant.

“There’s a lot wrong with what’s going on. He’s doing what needs to be done in America,” said Ralph Pelusi of Mississippi.

From Texas, California, Mississippi or anywhere in between, the following for the 45th president is still attracting crowds. Some traveled or flew for hours to hear him speak.

“Because he’s real. He’s so real,” said Catherine Phang of California.

Rick Fraser of Ohio said he attended more than 50 rallies for Trump. He has been a follower since the start of Trump’s presidential election in 2016.

“I believed in his first policy in America,” he said.

Trump’s support carries a lot of weight among his supporters. This is what many Republicans who want to get a seat in office wanted. Followers are curious to know what Trump will say about Oz during a rally Friday night.

“He will choose the best candidate to defeat the Democrat, and I think that’s where he is with Dr. Oz and the people he chooses,” Fraser said.

On Friday at 3 pm the gates open and the security details of the event have changed. At the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office, 12 deputies were going to help secret service agents, but a lawyer recommended not to do so because of responsibility.

To date, the district attorney has not responded to KDKA-TV’s request for comment. State police said there was no need to worry about security.

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