Achievements in the development of townhouses in Cumberland Local news

The 36-unit affordable housing project took a small step forward on Tuesday in Cumberland.

Meadowview townhouse plans include attached single-family homes and a public room on Misty Ridge Road off Biglerville Road, said city engineer Tim Kobel during a regular meeting of township leaders.

Supervisors were unanimous in providing the required certificate of suitability in accordance with the recommendations of the township committee on the review of historic architecture.

The full land development plan is expected to be ready for review by supervisors next month, said Bonnie Zeller, executive director of Luminest Community Development. The Franklin County Organization is developing Meadowview with the Pennsylvania Interfaith Community Programs Inc.

According to the Luminest website, it is planned to build two- and three-bedroom residences in nine buildings on empty land of 5.6 hectares.

The plans were reviewed by the Adams township and county planning commissions, Knobel said.

The proposal brings together several lots, and the developer is working with the Adams County Conservation District to resolve some permit issues between now and next month, officials said.

Also Tuesday, executives were unanimous in approving a land development plan for the duplex to be built on Biglerville Road, 1990. Alpha One Enterprises made a request that also combines two lots into one.

In addition, executives agreed to consider a request for funding from the Adams County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals during a budget discussion this fall. There is no money for the organization in this year’s budget.

Supervisors also allowed Knoebel to inspect the location of stop signs as required to make them enforceable under the proposed decree.

Locations are in several buildings.

Roselawn: Pin Oak at Table Rock Road; Creekside Court in Pin Oak; Pin Oak on Boyds School Road.

Patriots of Choice: Brian Court on South Avenue; Laura Lane on South Avenue; South Avenue on Boyds School Road; Waterford Court on Boyds School Road; Laura Lane on Boyds School Road.

Cumberland Crossing: Sweatland Road on River Road.

Cumberland Village 1-A, Reserves: Woodhaven Drive on Herrs Ridge Road; Waxwing Lane on Woodhaven Drive; Bobolink Drive on Woodhaven Drive; Woodhaven Drive and Bittern Drive; Bobolink Drive and Bittern Drive; Whistling Lane on Beater Drive.

Cumberland Village 1 C and B, The Lands: Herrs Ridge Road on Kestrel Drive; Pustalga Drive on Friendship Lane; Friendship Lane on Blackbird Court; Friendship Lane on Fairplay Road; Fairplay Road on Herrs Ridge Road.

Ninety-degree intersections on Paddock Drive on Fairplay Road; Paddock Drive on Herrs Ridge Road; Misty Ridge Road on Biglerville Road.

Deatrick Village: Willoughby Run at Deatrick Drive; Fairfield Road on Deatrick Drive in two locations. All other internal intersections are private.

Cannon Ridge: Saber Circle on Battalion Lane; Cannon Ridge Way on Battalion Lane; Brigade Lane at Battalion Lane; Musket Drive on Battalion Lane; Regiment Drive on Battalion Lane.

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