Trenton, New Jersey (AP) – The actor, who appeared in the soap opera of the 1990s in prime time “Melrose Place”, lost an attempt to reduce the sentence in a fatal car accident in 2010.

The New Jersey Court of Appeals rejected Amy Locaine’s arguments in a ruling released Tuesday.

Locaine was convicted of manslaughter and other charges in an accident that killed 60-year-old Helen Simone and seriously injured Simon’s husband, Fred. Although she was not charged with driving while intoxicated, a state expert revealed that Locaine’s blood alcohol level was probably about three times the legal limit and that she was driving about 53 miles in an hour in the 35 mph zone at the time of the accident in the town of Montgomery, near Princeton.

Locaine was sentenced four separate times after the appellate courts ruled that the first two sentences were too lenient and the third did not properly follow the guidelines set out in the previous decision.

She has already served more than two years in prison and was released in 2020 when State Supreme Court Judge Angela Barkowski sentenced her to eight years.

In a ruling Tuesday, the appeals court found that Barkowski was right to give more weight to aggravating factors – such as the gravity of the offense and Locaine’s decision to drive while intoxicated – than to mitigating factors such as no criminal record and Locaine’s rehabilitation efforts.

The court also rejected Lokan’s argument that Barkowski should have recused himself because the law firm representing Lokan had once represented Barkowski’s niece in a public transport case.

Locaine was credited while serving her sentence when she was convicted in 2020, and is eligible for parole in December 2024, according to the State Department of Corrections.

A statement from a lawyer representing Locaine in sentencing was left on Tuesday.

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