Adebayo aggressor adds essential element to Celtics attack in Eastern Final – Reading Eagle

Saturday was about what the Miami Heat Bam Adebayo Center considers itself to be and what it can be like.

In the morning shootout at TD Garden, Adebayo talked about failing to make it to the NBA All-Defense, which has reached the second team for the third season in a row, but has not yet reached the first team in its five years.

Returning to the same spot eight hours later, Adebayo turned his attention to the other end of the court, closing 31 points in 109-103 victory that gave Warm up the 2-1 advantage over the Boston Celtics in the final of the Eastern Conference from among the top seven.

“Same thing in the old game,” Adebayo said, finishing one point in the playoffs of his career, “just a different mentality.”

It was a mentality of necessity, and striker Jimmy Butler lost in the second half of Saturday night due to knee pain.

Playmaker Kyle Lowry battled rust in his first game in two weeks when he faced a sprained hamstring, and guard Tyler Era, who stayed out of the game on the night of 4 of 15, scoring for the Heath was more expensive.

Thus, Adebayo demonstrated the premium side of his game, which has not yet been shown in the series, scoring a total of 16 points in the first two games at the FTX Arena.

“He made his version of what Jimmy is doing, in terms of‘ doing what’s necessary for the game, ’” coach Eric Spoelstra said when Sunday’s Heath took a day off before Game 4 on Monday at 8:30 p.m. TD Garden. “He was extremely assertive. This happened in many moments that were completely in line with the context of how we want to play. He was just a lot more assertive in the hunt and those moments in between.

“And it wasn’t just about numbers. It’s something everyone learns, but he’s done so many things to organize us, contribute, occasionally playing for us playmakers, running through it to the bar, and then defending himself like he always does. from one to five against a team that poses a lot of problems. “

Adebayo scored 15 of 22, 22 throws the most in any game of his NBA career, 12 more than he tried in the first two games of the series combined. He was 7 out of 10 in the second half in Butler’s absence.

Adebayo’s statistics line also included 10 rebounds, six assists, four interceptions and a blocked shot.

“When Jimmy came out in the second half, he just stabilized us,” Spoelstra said. “It got a little sloppy there, and when that happened, we were able to get the ball to Bam and just get something agreed upon.”

Teammate Max Strus said it was “especially” to see the lapel that Adebayo offered.

“It simply came to our notice then. “And we need it.

“It wasn’t just leaning back and shooting at the tiles. He was physical. He was getting to the edge. He just participated a lot more and we need that. We need him involved in a lot more action, and that’s his game. That’s how we’ll make it better. “

When Lowry returned to relieve and Butler left, it made the emphasis clear.

“We’ve made some adjustments and done some things to figure out how to get it done,” Lowry said.

The Celtics knew that Adebayo was entering the night.

“We also talked about the fact that Adebayo is fighting in this series, he will be very aggressive,” said Celtics coach Name Udok. “Lower his head, we don’t match.”

The heat has built a season around Bem.

This time there was a crime developed around the aggressor Adebayo.

“We knew who Miami was,” said Celtics guard Jaylen Brown. “What they are proud of is physicality. If we want to win this series, we have to match that intensity. We just need to get closer. Bamu was too comfortable in the paint. ”


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