AJ Pollock’s blueprint single gives the White Sox a 4-3 win over the Cubs and a win in the City series at Wrigley Field – Reading Eagle

The flared slap, which falls right behind the stretched glove of a diving man from second base Chicago Cubs Nick Madrigal, was a necessary outfielder for the White Sox AJ Pollock.

Pollack entered the series final on Wednesday at Wrigley Field, scoring 0.184 but a well-placed ball and a bit of luck put the Sox ahead in the sixth inning. The Sox bullpen blocked him, holding the Cubs to three hits in the last seven innings in a 4-3 win at Wrigley Field to win both City Series games on the North Side.

The win was the third in a row for the Sox. Meanwhile, the Cubs have lost 11 of their last 14 games.

“We have minus two (less than 0.500). Get over 0.500 per pile and then get serious, ”said Sox manager Tony La Rousseau. “But while we’re competing, I’m happy – not happy – but I know these are our numbers. And we are approaching recovery. We survive. “

Right-hander Kyle Hendrix needed another exit with runners at the corners in the sixth to keep the game a draw. Polka managed to turn enough sinker to move it over the shifted Madrigal, who ran from the left side of the second base, trying to catch the ball. Madrigal, however, could not close the gap that would have been a normal leap in his usual positioning.

The Sox hit the board in the first with solo haumran Jose Abreu. Leuri Garcia also scored a solo shot in the third.

Haumrany provided the Cubs offense, which again doesn’t produce much against the Sox pitchers. Nick Hörner’s double home run and Patrick Wysdom’s single Homer – both in the second inning – gave the Cubs a 3-1 lead.

Gavin Sheats distinguished himself on the left field to replay the Cubs ’substitution in the fourth to level the game.

The Cubs managed just one hit between Wysdom’s two home runs in the second and his lead single in the eighth.

Madrigal’s soft single to the right in the fifth was the Cubs ’only hit in the interval, but in second place Luis Robert tried to stretch the game to an extra base kick. Madrigal was unsure whether Robert had caught the ball, and the referee signaled that it would not catch, so he continued to run in hopes of moving forward safely.

“He’s just a great athlete,” said Robert Jalita, who started with the Sox. “An incredible player, he caught that ball, little madrigal. I mean, he caught the ball. But many times a player catches the ball, the referee calls it fair and the game is over and the guy gets to second place or something else. Despite catching the ball, he plays upside down, throws it away. It just shows who he is in the game. His talent always plays at the highest level. “

Robert also made a fantastic game in the sixth, depriving Wilson Contreras of extra bases on a potential bond division of the game when Ian Happ came in contact with first base. The Sox’s central field participant jumped into a brick wall to hook the Contreras liner at 106.5 miles per hour to complete the half. The expected average of the ball with the barrel was 0.930 – xBA higher than two of the four home runs that came into play.

“The ball, I would say, bounced a little more, but if you shuffle a little, we have to change our luck,” said Cubs manager David Ross. “We had a lot of opportunities to advance there at the end and link the game to the ball, make the field or play.

“I don’t think we played particularly bad, I just feel like there are some things that didn’t go with us tonight.”

Jalita set 10 in 5⅔ innings, which allowed him to make three runs of three strokes and two moves.

This year, in three starts, Hendrix treated Wrigley well. Although he was generally effective against the Sox, he couldn’t get out of the sixth before giving up the run.

“It’s the performance of the pitches and getting what I want,” Hendrix said of the Sheets and Pollock hits. “It’s just baseball, I can’t control the result. I must continue to make such statements, and I will be where I need to be. ”

The Cubs ’biggest threat to equalize or get ahead disappeared in the eighth. They wasted lone singles against Aaron Bummer to put runners on the corners. The bummer forced striker Jan Gomez to stand out before Matt Foster retired due to a foul by Sei Suzuki, and ruled out Jan Happ, who is looking for obstacles for runners.

“It’s an escape in the eighth inning, I’ll remember it for a long time,” La Rousse said.

Wisdom and Madrigal went in a 4-on-6 combination, while the rest of the children finished 1-on-25.

“There are times when we are left with only one blow,” said Madrigal. “I think we are in the right position. It only takes one hit to really break through, and I really don’t think we’re far off and have to change any plans for the game or anything else. It’s part of baseball. “


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