Alegen County Electoral Council to examine rejected ballots and ballot papers by mail

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – We are close to finding out who will officially vote in the upcoming election this fall in Pennsylvania.

The last stage of this process will begin today in Alegenny district.

The election council will meet on Monday to review at least 1,900 previous ballots, as well as 279 ballots that were returned unsigned, undated, or both.

The council took the oath on Friday to begin resolving issues following last week’s primary election.

This comes after the council has already started counting hundreds of votes from 10 voting machines.

Today’s steps in this process will also bring us closer to seeing who will be the Republican candidate for the US Senate – Dr. Mehmet Oz or Dave McCormick.

The race is close enough to trigger an automatic vote count: Oz leads McCormick by about 1%.

The results of the race must be determined no later than early June.

The winner will meet with Democratic nominee John Fetterman in the general election.

Council members will resume work on Monday at 10 a.m.


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