All eyes on Joel Embiid’s eyes (and other injuries) in the Heat-76ers as Friday’s game 3 approaches – Reading Eagle

Eric Spoelstra is not a doctor and does not pretend to be the way he coaches the Miami Heat.

So, whether it was a damaged thumb ligament, a fractured orbit or a concussion, which caused Joel Ambid to be compromised at first and then retreated during these NBA playoffs, Spoelstra planned as if the Philadelphia 76ers may reappear in the center.

“You have to plan it. Whether he does it or not, it would be irresponsible not to do it, ”Spoelstra said when“ Heath ”focused on Game 3 on Friday at 7pm at the Wells Fargo Center with a score of 2-0 in this the Eastern Conference semifinals out of the top seven. TV series. “I mean, it’s changing dramatically. You know what you say about MVP talent. So we just need to take a look.

“We knew this series was going to change and change quite drastically. It is better that this has changed dramatically if we can get a couple of wins. But, yes, it changes the equation quite a bit. “

Unlike Spoelstra, 76ers take the approach that with Embiid there are no guarantees.

“When Joel is back, it’s great,” guard Tyris Maxi said after his 34-point game in the 76ers ’119-103 defeat in the second game Wednesday night at the FTX Arena. “If he’s not back, then you just have to keep fighting. It’s a fight. There will be a fight again on Friday. “

Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers has left South Florida, not knowing what will happen next.

“He needs to go through so many steps,” he said of Embiid’s medical tests and NBA concussion protocols. “And I don’t think he’s cleared any of them now. So we just have to wait and see. “

Heath forward Jimmy Butler has said he is counting on his friend and former 76ers.

“Health always comes first. I know that, “said Butler.” This is my boyfriend. And I want to compete with him. I really do. that we look forward to it. ”

Butler said the return of Embiid would do more than reset the series.

“How much attention he will attract from everyone on the floor, be it on the perimeter, in the elbow, on the block,” he said. “And what he’s doing in defense for these guys is also very incredible.

“I’m not a statistician and not an analyst, but I can tell you right now that he’s on the floor, they’re a much better team. But like I said, I want him right because we want to play against who I call the MVP. ”

Given the stakes and the situation, the Heat Bam Adebayo center said it was logical to expect Friday to meet with someone other than DeAndre Jordan.

“They are coming home. They are in the 0-2 hole, so I expect him to play, ”Adebayo said about Embiid.


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