All Republican gubernatorial candidates oppose abortion, but are divided on exceptions

HARISBURG (KDKA) – This is one of the most acute problems in Pennsylvania and across the country: the future of abortion services for women if the Supreme Court rejects Rowe v. Wade.

In his interviews with the gubernatorial candidates, KDKA political editor John Delano dwelled on their views on abortion.

If the Supreme Court overturns a woman’s right to choose, states may ban or restrict abortions at their discretion. Currently, abortions in Pennsylvania are legal during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, but that will change if a Republican is elected governor.

“I have a 100 percent lifetime voting record,” said former US MP Lou Barlett.

“I will be the governor who stands for life,” said former US Attorney Bill McSwaine.

All Republican candidates for governor call themselves supporters of life and will sign bills banning abortion, but that raises another issue.

“Do you think there are exceptions when a woman is entitled to an abortion?” John Delano asked the candidates.

“I believe that every life is a gift, John, and if we think that every life is a gift, we must start with the fact that every life is a gift, and every life must be protected,” said the businessman. Delaware County Dave White.

Without exception, White says along with Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale.

“I don’t believe in exceptions,” Gail says. “There is no gray area when it comes to murder.”

The traditional exceptions are rape or incest or saving a mother’s life. This is the position of McSwain, Barletta and Pennsylvania Senator Jake Corman.

Delano: “So you would ban all abortions in Pennsylvania?”

Barletta“I would, John, and I have exceptions to my mother’s life, rape and incest.”

“I will allow exceptions to this. For example, I have exceptions for rape, incest and protection of the mother’s life, ”McSwain said.

“Obviously, something will happen to her that the woman did not choose, so again, this decision would have to be made by a woman,” adds Corman.

Former U.S. Representative Melissa Hart and Dr. Nch Zama did not allow an exception for rape or incest, but would have saved the woman’s life.

Delano: “Would you allow an abortion to save your mother’s life?”

Hart: “I would.”

Delano: “Or in cases of rape and incest?”

Hart“No. To save the mother’s life, yes.”

Delano: “Rape and Incest?”


“To save a mother’s life, you sometimes have to make that decision,” says Dr. Zama.

Charlie Gerov, a public relations consultant, would have banned abortions with or without exceptions.

“If the bill had come to my table, John, without these exceptions, I would have also signed it. I would have left it to the legislature.”

Republican Doug Mastrian has decided not to participate, saying he has no time, but he opposes all abortion exclusions.

Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro, who calls himself a supporter of the election, says that if elected governor, he will veto any further restrictions on abortion.

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