Allowing abortion is hardly reasonable or fair


Comment by Clarence Page on July 17 (“Internet Privacy Under Siege Along With Abortion Rights”) says, “Reason must prevail if justice is to survive.” It refers to “the right of women to have power over their bodies.”
Where is the justice and reasonableness in the destruction of the child in the womb? Where is a woman’s “power” over her body when chemicals and/or medical instruments are used to force the body to expel the developing child from her womb? Where is the will of God over His creation, both mother and child, when the child’s life is destroyed by abortion in the mother’s womb?

Abortion is an evil, heinous crime. If we want true justice to prevail, we must protect and defend all life, born and unborn, and end the madness of abortion.

Pray for an end to abortion and pray for America.

Kathleen Martin
The town of Kumru

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