Amazon is reportedly testing a TikTok-like feed on its app

San Francisco: In an effort to drive more engagement on its platform, tech giant Amazon is likely testing a TikTok-like vertical feed of photos and videos within its app. According to photos that Watchful, an intelligence platform for artificial intelligence products, presented to the Wall Street Journal, the feed, now known as “Inspire”, will appear in the bottom navigation bar of the Amazon app, according to TechCrunch. Amazon sells Bucket for Rs 26,000 after discount, confused netizens ask ‘What’s the deal’.

“We’re constantly testing new features to make our customers’ lives a little easier,” an Amazon spokesperson was quoted as saying.

When users click on the diamond-shaped icon, they will see messages in their feed that will include links to purchase any items featured in the message, according to the report.

According to the report, this isn’t the first time Amazon has followed the same tactics as major social apps. It even has Posts, an Instagram-mimicking feature, as part of its advertising tools.

While it’s unclear whether the feature will eventually be rolled out to Amazon’s app, companies often test feature ideas internally, even if some will never be released to the public. With the new nipple, the e-commerce giant joined companies with the same idea, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and more.

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