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Johnny Depp’s lawyers on Tuesday questioned the veracity Amber Hurd accuses Depp of sexual assault with a bottle of alcohol.

Most of the day Hurd was questioned after her testimony in Depp’s defamation lawsuit against her.

Depp is suing Hurd in the Fairfax County District Court of Virginia for an article in December 2018 that she wrote in The Washington Post, describing herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence”. His lawyers say the article slandered him, although his name was never mentioned. The trial is underway for the fifth week.

Depp’s lawyer, Camila Vazquez, questioned Hurd about various incidents in which she said Depp attacked her.

Polls were particularly intense over the couple’s brawl in Australia in March 2015, shortly after they married, while Depp was shooting the fifth film from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

It was during that fight that Hurd says she was sexually assaulted. Depp, on the other hand, says he fell victim and that he lost the tip of his middle finger when Hurd threw in his bottle of vodka.

Vazquez asked why Hurd never sought medical attention, despite the fact that she said her legs were cut by broken glass and she was bleeding after the attack.

“You’re the one who attacked someone with a bottle in Australia, aren’t you, Miss Hurd?” Asked Vazquez.

“I didn’t attack Johnny in Australia. “I never attacked Johnny,” Hurd replied.

Vazquez then asked why Hurd wrote a series of love notes to Depp a few months after she said she was attacked.

Hurd said she believed Depp had bottomed out after the fight in Australia and was committed to sobriety. She said most of the attacks occurred at a time when Depp was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“When everything was good, they were very good,” she said.

The jury also saw a record of testimony that Hurd gave in 2016 in connection with her divorce, in which she seemed to have inadvertently admitted to informing the celebrity news outlet TMZ about aspects of her initial divorce process.

Hurd testified to a jury that she was surprised when paparazzi rushed to her courthouse seeking a temporary injunction, and that she tried to avoid publicity as much as possible.

However, during the 2016 indictment, Hurd put her hands to her lips as if she had mispronounced something after saying she wanted Depp to find out about the divorce “from a source other than TMZ, who was warned …”

“You got in there, didn’t you, Mrs. Hurd?” Asked Vazquez.

“I’m not talking about that,” Hurd replied.

During the redirection examination, Hurd said she “asked my team to file the file in the most restrained way, literally put it under a stack of papers and file at the end of the day so it was more likely to be missed by the paparazzi and TMZ.”

Hurd’s interrogation redirected lasted only a few minutes, as Depp’s lawyers objected to almost every question Hurd’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft tried to ask.

After Hurd’s testimony was over, the jury heard recorded testimony from the couple’s common friend, IO Tilett Wright, who said Depp confessed to him that he hated sobriety.

“He wanted sober for Amber,” Tilet Wright said. “He didn’t like being sober. It wasn’t fun and it was anxious, exhausting and very hard to do. He was very, very indignant that you need to be sober. “

Tilet Wright said Depp’s personality became angry and paranoid when he used alcohol or drugs.

There were also indications of Hurd’s counterclaim against Depp for $ 100 million. She says she was denigrated by Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman when he called Hurd’s accusations a hoax.

Hurd said the allegations damaged her career, but Vazquez pointed to a series of negative articles about Hurd that preceded Waldman’s comments.

The jury also heard an audio recording of a verbal brawl between them, in which each humiliated one’s acting career. Hurd scoffed at the role of Depp, who is creating a career in the 80’s TV show “Jump Street, 21”.

“Hey, at least I didn’t do, say, a teen show where I’m a heartthrob. God, that would be a shame, ”Hurd said.

Depp responded with a derogatory comment about Hurd’s biggest role in a movie to date, shouting “Aquaman!” in a mocking way to denigrate a movie about a superhero.

And Hurd was offended when Vazquez suggested that Hurd got the role in “Aquaman” only with the help of Depp.

“Excuse me?” Heard said. “No, Mrs. Vazquez, I got that role through auditioning.”


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