PHILADELPHIA – One of them is a telegenic television celebrity who performed in an agitation campaign in elegant costumes, performing with clear sound fragments in his first trip to public office. The second – unbearable – often gloomy – Lieutenant-Governor of Pennsylvania, who in a hoodie and shorts focused on a political career that began in a small, difficult former capital city.

However, U.S. Senate candidates from Pennsylvania, Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman, offer voters similar stories in many ways: each advertises themselves as outsiders who challenge traditional, covert policies while having elite powers. .

The first hours of their bout, after Republican David McCormick lost to Republican Oz primaries on Friday night, showed how each nominee hopes to break through the public image of another.

Democrats attacked Oz as a multi-millionaire from New Jersey running for the Senate in another act of self-promotion, along with former President Donald Trump. Republicans accused Fetterman of another vote for President Joe Biden and said they intended to try to undermine his populist image by pointing to his comfortable upbringing and the financial support his family had provided him for a long time in old age.

“We will ensure that this seat in the US Senate does not fall into the hands of the radical left, led by John Fetterman,” Oz said in a statement Friday night.

The explosion of Fetterman’s fundraiser asked, “Did anyone predict that the charlatan-celebrity TV doctor would run for the U.S. Senate in 2022? You know, I wouldn’t believe you if you said yes. But we are here. “

The winner of their race will have a nationwide impact. This is one of several that will decide which party controls the chamber – and the potential future of health care, abortion and gun laws, taxes and spending, and the Supreme Court, among many other issues. This is definitely one of the most popular and expensive Senate races in the country.

Oz, an experienced cardiothoracic surgeon, is widely known as “Dr. Oz, ”campaigned for a Republican nomination in Trump uniform, calling himself a“ conservative outsider ”who would shake the status quo (and get the approval of the former president).

Fetterman with a tattoo and a goat’s beard was proud of the fact that even many Democrat friends treated him chilly, guided by a simple person who, he said, was more in line with ordinary people than party insiders. Its political base is in heavy Braddock, a city of less than 2,000 residents outside of Pittsburgh.

The success of the two candidates with non-traditional politicians reflects a moment of deep contempt for the institutions of the establishment.

However, both have power and fame. Oz taught and practiced at some of the nation’s most elite institutions, Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital, before gaining fame on daytime television with the help of Oprah Winfrey. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Meanwhile, Fetterman graduated from Harvard and held an elective post for 16 years.


One of Oz’s strongest points in the primaries remains the general – his name has been known since he was 13 years old on television. Allies predict that he will be liked by moderate voters in the suburbs, especially women and those who have left the Republican Party, but will see a familiar face in the country of Oz on TV. And Trump’s support could have weight in the Republican Party.

Against this? Oz was attacked from all sides during tough primaries, and voters saw and heard the ad for months. Although the ID of his name was almost ubiquitous, polls showed that many voters who knew him did not like him. Oz has won the primaries, so he will have to defeat the majority of Republicans who chose someone else – some of whom even booed Oz during a rally with Trump last month. And approval from the polarized former president could impress him with a wider electorate.

Fetterman has already tweeted a photo repeatedly used by opponents of the Republican Party of Oz, in which the doctor bent down to kiss his star on the Walk of Fame.

And less than 24 hours after Oz became a nominee, Fetherman’s company began selling bumper stickers that read “Dr. Oz for New Jersey.

Oz grew up in Delaware and lived for more than 30 years in northern New Jersey, working in Manhattan. During the campaign, he said he grew up “near Kenneth Square,” and noted that he attended medical and business school at the University of Pennsylvania. His wife’s family has deep roots in suburban Philadelphia, and Oz says they moved into his father-in-law’s home in Montgomery County in late 2020. He bought a house there earlier this year, public records show.

“Remember my North Jersey voter, Dr. Oz, whose overwhelming 31 percent gives him a chance to become Cliffside Park, the first U.S. senator in New Jersey after Frank Lawtenberg,” wrote on Twitter a U.S. representative, Bill Pascrell, DN.J.

Fetterman ran the dominant primary campaign, winning in all 67 constituencies and 59 percent of the vote, despite strong opposition. And over the years as mayor and lieutenant governor, he has garnered ardent supporters from supporters, including many who boast of him as a rare “real” figure in politics. His tweets about Vava, the marijuana legalization, and his dog have been loved by some fans, and some Democrats say his unusual public image is what they need to challenge this year’s fierce political headwind.

Fetterman promised to bring back white working-class voters who had fled his party.

But Republicans say his image has never faced the kind of attention and testing he is going to pass. And the headwind seems strong as Biden’s polls remain poor and Democrats face an intermediate reaction that the ruling party often faces.

Republicans call Fetterman a “left-wing radical” and also link him to Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Whom Fetterman backed in the 2016 presidential race. They plan to attack his stands in terms of fracking, crime and spending.

The incident in 2013, when Fireman, armed with a gun, chased a black runner, could also have attracted more attention.

Fetterman is also likely to face questions about his health – he had a stroke four days before the first pass, and he was equipped with a pacemaker and defibrillator to treat myocardial infarction, weakened heart. He is now running for a six-year term against a cardiothoracic surgeon.

His recovery will also delay how soon he will be able to start campaigning. On Friday, Fetterman said doctors recommended more rest and did not say when he would return to the trail.

Meanwhile, Oz could immediately start stepping up when his protracted primary election is over.


The contrasts in politics and the public’s stakes on the issues are dramatic.

Fetterman said he would not support any restrictions on abortion. “It’s between a woman and her doctor,” Fetterman said at a debate in Carlisle when asked if he believed in any exceptions. “It’s certainly not between me or any politician.”

Oz said he would support a ban on all abortions except the mother’s life.

With the Supreme Court expected to overturn Rowe v. Wade within the next month, the issue will almost certainly be at the forefront of the general election.

After a series of recent mass shootings, gun control could change. Fetterman supports a ban on assault weapons, expanded weapons verification, restrictions on high-capacity magazines, and red flag legislation. Oz said he would oppose red flag laws, universal scrutiny, and “any gun control measures that violate the Second Amendment.”

During the Republican primaries, Oz withdrew past statements expressing more tolerant positions on weapons, abortion, fracking and other issues.

Fetterman advocates the elimination of the scourge – a Senate rule that requires 60 votes to pass a majority of legislation – so Democrats can move forward on issues such as codifying the right to legal abortion at the federal level and passing suffrage legislation. Oz said he would keep the flibuster.

Fetterman “will vote for the minimum wage, and Dr. New Jersey will not,” Malcolm Kenyatta, a Democrat from Philadelphia who voted against Fetterman for the Senate, tweeted. “JF will vote for codification of freedom of choice, and Dr. New Jersey will not. JF will vote for a ban on assault weapons and for verification of the certificate – Dr. New Jersey will not. The choice is crystal clear. “

And then there’s the economy. Polls show that Americans are growing pessimistic as inflation rises and gas prices remain high. Rising costs have dragged Biden and his fellow Democrats. Oz called their spending excessive and a factor in inflation, and Fetterman promised to support Biden’s agenda.

“The Radical Left has seized the Democratic Party, and nowhere is it more obvious than the Democrats’ primaries in Pennsylvania,” said Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., Chairman of the Republican Senate election campaign. “It will be a campaign of contrasts. Personal freedom against great state control. High taxes versus low taxes. American energy against a radical green new course. “


Race with national bets and in a state with a wide range of media markets, including expensive Philadelphia, already on its way to becoming one of the most expensive in the country.

Oz, who has huge fortunes and is married to one of Pennsylvania’s wealthiest families, has invested $ 12 million of his own money in his core company, financing it almost entirely on his own.

Fetterman, by contrast, was used through a deep-seated fundraising operation, with more than 200,000 donors, many of whom regularly made $ 10 or $ 20. However, despite the fact that he dominated fundraising in the primaries of the Democratic Party, he will not have such an advantage over the deep pockets of Oz.

At the same time, with so many at stake, national parties and other groups are expected to pour money into Pennsylvania. Already, the top Democratic super PAC acquired nearly $ 26 million of television time in the fall, while its Republican counterparts bought $ 21 million.

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