Angie Bowie: David Bowie was supposed to present himself in America as “heterosexual with bisexual tendencies” | Entertaining news

Angie Bowie argued that the late David Bowie had to “present himself as heterosexual with bisexual tendencies” to get to America.

The former wife of the hitmaker “Starman”, with whom she had a 50-year-old son Duncan Jones, helped create Ziggy Stardust, Bowie’s androgynous stage persona, and she recalled how in the 70’s in the US they carefully considered how sexuality manifested itself. Bowie.

She said: “He basically had to present himself as heterosexual with bisexual tendencies to fall under American censorship.”

One way to prove this was the birth of a child.

Angie, who gave birth to Duncan in May 1971, continued: “I thought that if I had a child, they would not claim to be a heterosexual.

“And David had such a good relationship with his father, I could say he would have a great relationship with Zoe (Duncan).”

The 72-year-old glam rock icon recalled how she always wanted David to dress like a “star” no matter the time of day.

However, Angie – who ruled her then-husband – insisted that they had a working relationship, and she claims that David began to develop an ego that led to their demise as a couple.

She recalls, “At some point the applause starts to make them think they are something bigger than they really are.

“And it’s like, no, you’re not God.”

Angie says hitmaker “Let’s Dance” also promised to help her in her career, but he didn’t keep his half of the promise.

She claimed: “I agreed with David that first we would work on his career and then we would work on mine.”

And she eventually “got tired” of being his “troubleshooting tool.”

The couple divorced in 1980, after a decade of marriage, and David married widow Iman in 1992.

David died in January 2016 at the age of 69 after a private battle with liver cancer, and Angie, who wrote candid biographies of her relationship with the music icon, including “Backstage Passes: Life On the Wild Side with David Bowie” in 1993, – she says only now she has received due for the creation of Ziga.

She added to MOJO magazine: “This is the answer I get now on social media – people pay tribute to me.”


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