Another Pennsylvania casino bans smoking, while revenue remains strong

The Pandemic coronavirus covid-19 changed some things – temporarily and permanently – on Pennsylvania Casino. Some things have returned to normal. Plexiglas dropped, and temperature checks at the entrance were a thing of the past. However, some casinos choose what will be part of their plans for the future.

Smoking has always been a staple in casinos, but the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate.

Casino Rivers Philadelphia now the last casino in Pennsylvania voluntarily ban smoking.

Another PA casino prohibits smoking

Casino Rivers Philadelphia became third casino in PA yes ban smoking completely on the playing field. The ban took effect on April 29.

Representatives from Philadelphia River said in a statement:

“Casino Rivers, Philadelphia, has decided to extend the temporary ban on indoor smoking. The open courtyard was designed for smokers, and guests performed them without any problems. Rivers Casino Philadelphia will continue to follow reviews that have been positive. ”

As of May 16 there is no mention about the smoking ban Philadelphia River‘s Facebook or Twitter page.

Philadelphia was under Fr. mandate mask throughout the pandemic period, except for the short period from June to August 2021. removed the mandate for the mask March 2, 2022. Decided to restore it on April 18, but it is lasted only four days.

Three Pennsylvania casinos ban smoking

Casino Parxlocated near Philadelphia in Bensalem, completely gone no smoking in June 2021.

Mount Airy Casino also decided to stay out of smoking when the state abolished the mask mandate.

Neither is the casino wavered in the revenue department. Rivers Philadelphia will strive to continue the trend of success as a non-smoking casino.

Chris Moyerfounder and president of Moyer Strategies, representing Americans for Non-smokers’ rightstold Play Pennsylvania:

“Certainly, there is a fascination with the fact that casinos decide to ban smoking on their own. It’s right for them, their employees and puts the health of their employees first. ”

More casino employees are speaking out

Cigarette smoking has reached an all-time low. Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and New York have such casinos without smoke. Moyer said there is an impulse to get rid of smoking casino staff:

“There was a big boost to get Atlantic City Casinos to stop smoking, under the guidance of workers who spoke out like they hadn’t done before. Usually they feared revenge, punished their bosses and their companies. There are just enough of them. They were courageous in their expression, and I think other workers will be inspired by that. “

Mike Dana is one of those employees who speaks out. He was fed up with the smoke. He worked at Atlantic City Casino for 18 years before moving in Live! Philadelphia Casino in 2021.

He is also seen and proud Atlantic City employees for expression.

“I am very proud of them. They remain strong and focused. They are about to push him to the finish line. “

Dana said that proximity to the casino in Atlantic City, employees find it easier to express themselves, compared to casinos that spread across Pennsylvania.

“In Atlantic City, they can ban and march along the waterfront together. If you see 200-400 dealers marching along the waterfront, what are you going to do, fire them all? ”

Working in a sea of ​​smoke

Dana had several horror stories with smoking while working as a dealer, and most of them were boys. It took Dana about seven years to notice that his health was suffering inhaling smoke all day.

“I really started to notice that my asthma was getting worse. For a few days my voice would be very weak and I would talk little. “

Dana underwent foot surgery in 2011 and was out of work for three months. He saw his own improves breathing while he was away from the smoke-filled casino.

“Then I came back and coughed and just breathed badly.”

Since working in the non-smoking section in Live! Casino Philadelphia, Dana has the best experience but is still disappointed to see a sea of ​​smokeeven from afar.

“Casinos like to brag about their ventilation systems. You smell awful from the non-smoking compartment. You then look around to find a man who smokes, but he is 30 feet away in the smoking area and puffing. However, you prefer them to be 30 feet away from you rather than sitting right in front of you. It is much better not to be in zero place. “

Profits from smoking versus non-smokers

For years, research has been conducted that has argued that banning smoking will harm casino profits.

Pennsylvania now has evidence that casinos work well without smoking.

Despite a ban on smoking that has been in place for almost a year, Parx remains the best casino in the state for land revenues.

Casino Parx

  • Revenue from board games in March 2022: $ 19.6 million
  • Revenue from slots for March 2022: $ 35.9 million

Although Mount Airy Casino is not one of the most successful casinos in the state, Pennsylvania Game Control Board figures say the casino has not suffered.

  • Revenue from board games in March 2022: $ 3.5 million
  • Revenue from slots for March 2022: $ 11.1 million

“Parx is obviously great,” Moyer said, as Parx has been the best land-based casino for many years. “For both of these facilities, we have a workload of about six to eight months if their personal income has not declined. It’s really a sign of how people think these days. “

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