Do you know what this mysterious tool was used for, also from the Landis Valley Village collection and farm?

Landis Valley Museum curator Jennifer Roer says the artifact is about 2.8 inches high, 6.5 inches long and 2.7 inches wide.

Send your guess to Ellen Wright at features@lnpnews.comwith “Antique Toolbox” in the subject line, or a letter to Mary Ellen Wright / Antique Toolbox, LNP Media Group, PO Box 1328, Lancaster, PA 17608-1328.

Important: Please enter your full name and the city in which you live. Guessing must be done by Monday, April 11th. We will show the correct answer in LNP and LancasterOnline on Friday, April 22nd.

Note: Email is preferable because regular access to mail is limited due to the fact that LNP employees work remotely.

Last month’s mysterious tool: a wooden meat scraper

Several of our readers knew that the mysterious tool of February, also from the Landis Valley Village collection and farm, is a wooden meat scraper.

Royer says it is a cutting tool used to scrape the intestines of the animal being killed.

It cut through fat and other leftover meat, Roer says.

Rhonda Bretz of Mannheim says she owns a version of this instrument, but its made of bone.

Correct answers

• Drama: Charles Adams.

• Township East Hempfield: Roger Thornton.

• Euphrates: Barbara Sensenig.

• Lancaster: James Zinc.

• Litits: John Zinkand.

• Mannheim: Ronda Bretz.

• Reinholds: June Grof.

• Strasbourg: Elizabeth Gunnion.

BEST GUESSES: Dirt scraping tool, etc. of horse hooves, a tool for pushing wood through a plane or saw, a throw for pottery, the latter for trying or repairing socks, a scraper for corn cobs, a tool for pulling ropes on the bed.

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