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As one fan convinced Phils to add more Dollar Dog nights originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Aside from the Opening Day, the home start and a few fights, the highlight of Phyllis ’schedule for the regular fan is the Hatfield Dollar evening. 🌭

The philae usually have a few on the calendar (sometimes three, sometimes four) at the beginning of the year. Since 2017, they have held only more than three times (2019), and only once (2021) have planned Dollar Dog evenings for May 2021. It’s weird, but that’s how it all works.

This season, however, they planned only two – and there were only seven days between them, in the first four weeks of the year.

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So Phyllis is a fan and Crossing Broad Contributor Kyle Pegan, who has been a true athlete from the city for more than six months, has decided to raise the issue with the authorities.

No, not managing Phillies partner John Middleton: instead Pegan went all the way to Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey.

Here’s a fun conversation Pegan had with an employee named Regina at Casey’s office:

Honestly? This is a productive conversation! Regina took Kyle’s complaint seriously, Kyle was grateful that Regina listened sincerely and they laughed a little. Such is the civilization of the meat tube!

(It was also like a scene from the early “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” in which Mack expresses a straight face over something completely absurd with a confused man. Good things around.)

And … Regina delivered! She relayed a message to Casey, who, acknowledging the easy PR win, responded on Twitter:

Democracy in action!

Dan Gelston of the Associated Press contacted Casey’s office and was told to wait for another dollar night to come:


When people online tell you to call their representatives, they want you to do it. Require your state senator to provide you with cheap hot dogs, and sometimes they will get cheap hot dogs.

On the evening of May 3, I ate four (they lost to the Rangers, a real shame!), And if the next one is scheduled, I’ll be preparing for five. We all need to play our part.


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