“Bad Guys” is best “North”, Cage in the rental Entertainment

NEW YORK – An unusually crowded weekend at the theaters that showed dear epic of the Vikings and Nicholas Cage plays himself“Bad Guys” DreamWorks Animation won on the field, a testament to the resurgence of family cinema after the recession during the pandemic.

“Bad Guys,” Released by Universal Pictures, it debuted with ticket sales in the US and Canada of $ 24 million, according to studio estimates on Sunday.

This came despite fierce competition from families from Paramount Pictures ’“ Sonic The Hedgehog 2, ”which remained in second place with $ 15.2 million in its third week of release. So far, it has raised $ 145.8 million domestically.

The obvious health of family movies is especially good news for Hollywood as it begins its lucrative summer season, when films such as Universal’s Minions: The Rise of the Game and Walt Disney Co.’s “Bright Year.” is the first Pixar film to hit theaters. in two years – I hope to get closer to the level of a pandemic.

“There’s reason for more than cautious optimism,” said Jim Orr, Universal’s head of distribution. “I think the audience is gushing into the cinema this summer.”

Although during the pandemic the studios did not dare to program many films against each other, there was a rarity over the weekend: three new extensive releases, all of which were well received, none of them a sequel or a remake.

“Bad Guys,” based on Aaron Blaby’s children’s graphic novel about a group of crooked animals with Quentin Tarantino’s tone for children, has been well-received by critics (85 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and audiences (CinemaScore “A”).

With little family competition before the release of “Lightyear” in mid-June “The Bad Guys” should play well for a few weeks.

Debuting abroad for the first time, the animated film has already grossed $ 63.1 million internationally.

Other new releases over the weekend – “The Northman” by Robert Eggers and “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” starring in Cage – didn’t perform as well, but still performed pretty well the first weekend.

“Every weekend is a building block in restoration, but I don’t even want to call it restoration. I think cinemas are being restored. We are almost there, ”said Paul Dergarabedyan, senior media analyst at ComScore. “The three newcomers were well received and they all found an audience.”

The biggest risks were for the film Focus Features “North”, whose budget exceeded $ 70 million, which increased significantly for Egers, director of previous indie-historical horrors “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse”. The path to the film’s profitability was unlikely even before it hit theaters, but it opened up more than expected with ticket sales of $ 12 million. It has added $ 6.3 million internationally in 26 territories.

The film “The North” will play Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicole Kidman in a cruel and bloody saga of revenge.

“First of all, we wanted to work with Robert Eggers,” said Lisa Banel, head of Focus, which internationally distributed the first two Eggers films. “The key here is that we have to make a film that we wanted to make with a director who we believe is part of the future of American cinema. He has a very distinctive voice. It makes a movie with the original IP, not just comes in: “Let’s make a sequel!”

Meanwhile, a new part of the once all-powerful brand, the Harry Potter spin-off “Fantastic Monsters: Dumbledore’s Secrets”, fell off a cliff the second weekend in theaters. The release of Warner Bros., the third film of Fantastic Monsters, fell 67% in the second week from $ 14 million. This is a bad sign for the future of the franchise if it is continued by Warner Bros. (The studio has yet to release a fourth film.) However, “Dumbledore’s Secrets” last week’s best film, doing better abroad. International sales of $ 213.2 million make up the lion’s share of the $ 280.3 million global film collection.

Lionsgate’s “Unbearable Weight of Huge Talents,” a gonza metacomedy starring Cage as an exaggerated version of himself, opened for about $ 7.2 million. The film, which for the first time received warm reviews from the South to the Southwest, will depend on a good word of mouth to reach its budget of $ 30 million.

This is the success achieved by “Everything everywhere and at once.” Release A24, fiction with insane metaversion starring Michelle Yeo, was one of the brightest signs for the specialty film business, another sector of the industry that theatrically fought during the pandemic. In the fifth week, “Everything is everywhere” raised $ 5.4 million, which is 12% less than in a week.

But the biggest breakthrough in cinemas in April was in family movies. This is a good time for the film industry, which will gather in Las Vegas this week CinemaCon, the annual congress and exhibition of the trumpet theater exhibition. Expect plenty of announcements about the return of cinemas.

According to Comscore, the alleged ticket sales in US and Canadian cinemas from Friday to Sunday.

1. “Bad Guys,” $ 24 million

2. “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, $ 15.2 million

3. “Fantastic Monsters: Dumbledore’s Secrets”, $ 14 million

4. “North”, $ 12 million

5. “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” $ 7.2 million

6. “Everything is everywhere and at once,” $ 5.4 million

7. “Lost City,” $ 4.4 million

8. “Father Stu,” $ 3.4 million

9. Morbius, $ 2.3 million

10. Ambulance, $ 1.8 million


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