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Observations and other interesting notes from the NBA playoff win over the Boston Celtics on Saturday night 109-103:

– Heath coach Eric Spoelstra rarely shows his hand before the game.

“Any hand.” Any game.

– Saturday morning was different.

– Bam Adebayo scored an average of a paltry eight points in two games in this series, an average of five shots, he knew he needed to do more.

– And that Adebayo should have done more.

“We want him to be more involved,” Spoelstra said before lunch at TD Garden. “And I have to do it better, make sure he’s involved, engaged, giving us some triggers.”

Spoelstra paused, as if to understand that he was not talking about handing over Adebayo’s keys.

“It may not necessarily be what everyone thinks it might be,” he said. “But it’s a very important part of our crime and the way we work.”

– So he was treated that way.

– And Adebayo treated himself like that.

“I think we can get him in places where he can be persistent in the way he’s been all season,” Spoelstra said.

– This mission was accomplished in the first minutes, Adebayo scored the top 10 points in the series with 6:23 remaining in the starting period.

– Now all it takes is for Adebayo to do it again.

– Because if Jimmy Butler’s right knee is inflamed again, there can be no other choice.

“Even when Kyle Lowry came back.”

– Even in the presence of Victor Oladip.

– Turns continue.

– But at least the heat on Saturday night confused Adebayo.

– With Lowry (hamstring) and PJ Tucker (knee), Heath returned to his main starting lineup, which was completed by Butler, Adebayo and Max Strus.

– With their starts, Butler and Lowry equaled Terry Porter in 79th place in the NBA all-time playoffs, moving Moses Malone and Dennis Rodman to 80th.

– When Spoelstra remembered Lowry’s minutes, the previous start guard Gabe Vincent was the first reserve on the bench.

– Davene Deadman followed, and then Tyler Era and Caleb Martin together.

“Then, in short, Duncan Robinson.”

– And in the end Oladipo as needed.

– Butler’s first point moved Rick Barry to 79th place in the playoffs for the entire NBA.

– Butler’s third point moved Cliff Hagan to 78th place in the all-NBA playoffs.

– 12th point Adebayo moved Tim Hardway to 10th place in the playoff list for Heath.

– The first three-point Lowry moved him past J. J. Radish was ranked 27th on the NBA All-Time playoff list and equaled him with Rashid Wallace in 26th place.

– Lowry’s first theft moved him past Tony Allen, Jamaal Wilkes and Terry Porter to 62nd place in the all-NBA playoffs.

– The second three-pointer Strus overtook Damon Jones to 20th place in the playoff list for Heath.

– Spoelstra stressed that he knows that if his sick players can play, they will play.

“Our locker room is full of guys like that,” he said. “There were so many stories in this league about load management, guys resting, guys sitting for good or worse. We don’t have such guys. “

– The Celtics coach Ime Udoka was looking for a solid start to inspire the home crowd.

– In general, I would say that our starts were sometimes not the best in the Milwaukee series, even Brooklyn is a bit early, – said Udoka before the game. “To get the crowd involved, you need to get off to a good start.”

– He added: “I don’t think we’re as focused on home or roads as some other teams are. Sometimes we were very good on the road, as you saw in the Milwaukee series. And that’s why it’s neither here nor there for us. “

– Before the game of Udoka, the emotional approach of the guard Marcus Smart to his teammates on the Celtics was also discussed.

“I’ve always said that guys are receptive to constructive criticism, and they have the freedom to discuss, debate and respond when they have something to say,” he said. “So an open line of communication from all of us, I think, was helpful. Feelings do not suffer.

– He added: “Guys who have been together for a while can get along with each other and respond appropriately. And so Marcus – a guy who plays with his emotions up his sleeve, says things that sometimes come to mind. I don’t think guys are sensitive to delivery. What is being said is more important. ”

– Spoelstra also addressed the fire of Smart: “You must respect Marcus as a competitor most.”


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