Barra, Main Street could team up to hire a grant consultant Local news

With the potential for large grants on the horizon, Gettysburg and Main Street Gettysburg can team up to hire a firm to navigate the complex federal application process.

“We’re seeing the stars align” for significant federal infrastructure funding, district head Charles Gable told the district council on Monday during a regular meeting.

Board members reached an informal consensus in favor of hiring national firm Michael Baker International for $ 30,740, with the district and Main Street paying half. The council is due to formally vote next month on spending that is not in the 2021 budget, Gable said.

Main Street Executive Director Jill Sellers said the local nonprofit economic development organization already has a successful relationship with Baker.

Applications are being accepted until July 12 for the “Rebuilding the US Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity” (RAISE) program, which could provide significant funding for the proposed multi-million dollar revitalization of the Baltimore Street Corridor, which could include community center development, Gable said. .

The extensive application process goes beyond what any small district administration can handle, he said.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant drop in the district’s revenue, but things are turning around and this should continue as precautionary guidelines change, Gable said.

“Revenues from parking are increasing. It is not exactly where it should be, but there are positive signs, ”he said.

The share of the county overnight tax is also improving, Gable said. Approximate amounts for March were $ 6,900 this year, $ 2,700 in 2020 and $ 8,200 in 2019, Gable said.

Also linked to the pandemic, one restaurant has so far taken advantage of the district’s offer of a five-year interest-free loan of $ 50.00, while 18 other businesses have taken out three-year loans of $ 3,000, Gable said.

The answers are due on May 21 as a result of an extensive survey sent out to residents and taxpayers last month along with the district newsletter, Gable said.

According to him, 132 responses were sent on Monday against 3,159 sent. The four-page survey, open only to residents and taxpayers within the district, covers everything from taxes and police work to clearing snow on sidewalks and barking dogs.

Answers can be mailed to the district at 59 E. High St., Gettysburg, PA 17352 or placed in a box outside the building.

• Concrete barriers are pre-installed near intersections so that they can be moved outside for safety during the Remembrance Day parade, said Public Works Director Robert Harbo.

• The council unanimously approved changes to the order in which the district operates vending machines in the county-owned area, at E. Middle St., 34, which was previously an administrative district judge. Adams County officials have been asked to switch from an automatic renewal every five years to a monthly lease. Division into district and county revenue from the parking lot. Last month, Adams County Commissioner Randy Phil said the county is exploring property options and is reluctant to lease it for one year.

• The board approved the first steps toward buying a new Ford F350 truck to replace the 2010 model for about $ 112,000. The purchase should be part of the budget for 2022, because the shortage of computer chips delays the supply of new cars, officials said.

• On the recommendation of the District Historic Architecture Review Committee, the council was unanimous in issuing the certificates of suitability required for projects in the historic district. Applicants and projects include: Lisa Oriola, 196 S. Stratton St., replacement of three exterior doors with square glass windows; La Bella Italia, 402 York St., new deck with pergola and colorful fresco; Garryowen Irish Pub, 126 Chambersburg St., roof replacement; Kevin McCready and Nash Re, 307 York St., roof replacement; Gettysburg Bicycle and Fitness, 307 York St., roof over back entrance; St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, 109 York St., window repair; Carmen Doyle, 140-144 Chambersburg St., replacement of windows and siding; Adams County Library, 140 Baltimore Street, roof repair.

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