Baynet gets a second chance to replace Cartwright in the 8th constituency of Congress

WILKS-BORE – Jim Bognett won a landslide victory over Republican contender Mike Marsican on Tuesday, gaining a second chance to replace incumbent Democratic President Matt Cartwright in the November general election.

According to unofficial results, Bognet received 44,803 votes against 20,280 in Marsican; in percentage terms, Bognet received almost 69% of the vote.

Cartwright was not without opposition from Democrats, organizing a rematch with Bagnet in November 2020 in the 8th constituency of Congress.

“We are just very grateful to the voters for this stunning victory, and we are very grateful to President Trump for his support,” Bognet said. We have a chance to get the country back in November. We will continue to convey our message to voters. We have come very close in 2020 and we will win this time. We must prevent President Biden and the Democrats from driving the country into a ditch. It’s time for the people of the 8th constituency to represent one of the congresses. “

When Bagnet announced his second candidacy for Congress, he said he would stop “Biden / Pelosi / Cartwright’s attack on America.”

The 46-year-old Baynet from Hazel lost to Cartwright in 2020 by just over 12,000 votes.

“I will fight the madness of Matt Cartwright on taxes and expenses and will work to complete the wall,” Bognet said. “I believe in America First’s program to ensure border security, ensure fair elections, and create jobs for Pennsylvania residents in energy and manufacturing. In this rematch Matt Cartwright falls like Apollo Creed in Rocky II ”.

Cartwright, 60, of Moosic, will pursue his sixth term in Congress.

Bognet, a former trustee of the Trump administration, was born and raised in Hazelton. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997 before earning a law degree. Baynet has worked for both U.S. Senator Rick Santorum and MP Lou Barlett, and he is a small business owner. He worked in President Trump’s administration to support job creation in America, export and manufacturing.

Bagnet said he raised nearly $ 2 million against Cartwright in 2020. He said he expects help from the Republican Party.

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