Be sure to say your word at the primaries in Pennsylvania

Polling stations will open on Tuesday when Pennsylvania residents will vote in the long-awaited primaries in the 2022 by-elections. We call on registered Democrats and Republicans to have their voices heard. This is an important issue at any time when voting for senior positions in the state, such as the governor and senator of the United States. But this year, due to the unusual situation, the stakes are even higher. There is no current leader in both races. Gov. Tom Wolfe could not run for a third term, and Senator Pat Toomey decided not to seek re-election.

The opportunity to run for an open seat was too great for many politicians to resist. Virtually everyone who watches commercial television or uses the Internet should know that this year there are fierce competitions with crowded fields. There was a stream of publicity for and against many candidates.

Probably asking too much to encourage people to ignore these messages, which are so ubiquitous, but we strongly warn against making decisions solely on the basis of what is said in the advertisement. Advertising tells you only what candidates and political organizations want to hear from you. Usually in history more. Examine the candidates yourself before the vote. This will give a clearer picture of the area and help you get acquainted with candidates who have not advertised heavily but may be interesting.

Of course, voters have something to consider, especially from Republicans.

Nine people are on the ballot to nominate Republican candidates for governor, and seven Republicans are pushing for the party’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Some other well-known Republican races are also crowded, including nine candidates for lieutenant governor and four people seeking to challenge U.S. Representative Chris Hulahan in the 6th constituency.

Democrats also have some choice, especially in the race to the Senate, where four people are vying for nomination from the party. Attorney General Josh Shapiro is the only Democrat candidate for governor, while three people are vying to be with him as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

And don’t lose sight of the race for seats in state legislatures. Each seat in the state House of Representatives this year is on election along with half the seats in the Senate. The results of such races have greatly affected the balance of power in the states across the country. For as much attention as the race for governors, control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is just as important.

When studying candidates, make sure you know what areas you live in. This is the first election since the last round of redistribution of the district. The lines have changed in the constituencies of Congress and the House of Representatives and the Senate. Many voters in our region are likely to see unfamiliar names on the ballot in at least one of these races. Berks County, in particular, has seen some notable changes on all three maps.

If you are unsure, contact your constituency or look for ballot information for each polling station on the constituency website. If you don’t know where to vote and how to contact your constituency, has helpful information on these topics.

We know full well that people hear this message year after year from us and many others. We know that there is widespread cynicism about the fact that elections can produce the changes that people want to see. But the fact is that at a time when so many important things seem to be getting out of our control, this is the only time all American citizens can speak out.

Our nation, state and community are facing big challenges. Tuesday gives us a chance to decide who will be able to lead them. People waiting until November may not like the election presented to them on the ballot. Those who vote now can say what names appear there. Take the opportunity.

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