Belgian company SOLiTHOR allocated 10 million euros for the development of solid lithium batteries

A Belgian company that develops solid state battery technology, SALITOR raised 10 million euros in funding. Seed tour led by imec.xpand and saw the participation of LRM, Nuhma and FPIM.

The company will use these tools to develop the technologies needed to further electrify the transportation industry and provide solutions to address current challenges in autonomy, performance, durability and security.

Founded in 2021 Hugh Hampson-Jones and Dr. Fanny Bardet, the company has a mission to become a key supplier in the European value chain of batteries to make a “strong” contribution to European exports, which provides the global market. SOLiTHOR is an additional product from imec. He leads the development, production and commercialization of lithium solid state battery technology to offer energy storage solutions.

He claims that his next-generation solid-state lithium batteries will take the performance of classic rechargeable systems to the next level in terms of energy density, charging speed, weight and volume.

Hugh Hampson-Jones said: “SOLiTHOR technology is based on technology that will improve energy density and charging speed, and, importantly, increase safety and be much easier to manufacture than other solid-state batteries.”

Battery technology will be used in a number of transportation applications ranging from automotive to aviation, marine and aerospace.

Olivier Rousseau, Director of Venture Development, imec, added: “SOLiTHOR is on track to unleash the great potential of this technology for society: helping to reduce our carbon footprint through further electrification of our transport and contributing to Europe’s strategic positioning and independence in the energy sector. It will affect our local economy through the expected establishment of manufacturing activities to serve its customers around the world. ”

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